Hipchat Data Center is *officially* joining the Atlassian Data Center family. We know how critical Hipchat has become to doing business. Your teams rely on Hipchat to communicate, collaborate, and get work done fast. Downtime – planned or unplanned – is unacceptable. As your teams continue to grow and Hipchat usage spreads across your organization, reliability is paramount. Plus, the demand for more integrations into Hipchat can put strain on the system. We built Hipchat Data Center to meet all of these needs, while still providing the great features of Hipchat Server.

We now have one offering – Hipchat Data Center

With this launch, Hipchat Data Center replaces Hipchat Server as our self-hosted enterprise group chat offering. Hipchat Data Center supports greater scale with up to 20,000 named users and 10,000 concurrent users. As a Hipchat Server customer, you get all the new features of Hipchat Data Center with your current Hipchat Server subscription!

What will you get with Hipchat Data Center?

Hipchat Data Center – self-hosted messaging, built for enterprise teams – was engineered for high-availability so that teams can chat without interruptions. It scales with your organization so you can eliminate silos and ensure strong cross-functional communication, while also allowing you to meet your legal and information security needs. With Hipchat Data Center, you can integrate with the tools you need to run your business thanks to Hipchat Connect. Build rich integrations with your existing Atlassian products, internal systems or 3rd party applications to enhance team collaboration.

In addition to providing new enterprise grade functionality, Hipchat Data Center has an architecture that’s similar to the rest of the Atlassian products you know and love. To meet the requests from many of our existing Hipchat Server customers, Hipchat Data Center will not ship as an appliance with data stores included. Instead, Hipchat Data Center will ship as a VMWare image or AWS AMI with externalized data stores. You can now bring your own database, data stores, and load balancer for an AWS deployment and a VMWare deployment. To learn more, check out our system requirements, installation guide, migration guide, or the FAQ.

Below, learn more about the high availability, performance at scale, and flexibility and control offered by Hipchat Data Center.


Communicate without downtime

We know that it is mission critical that your team remains in constant communication and that you can’t afford downtime when it comes to your real-time communication tool. Hipchat allows you to centralize information, make quick decisions, and move projects forward.

Many of you use Hipchat for global incident management. With globally distributed teams dedicated to managing incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – your teams often have to transfer incidents across timezones to resolve incidents faster. Hipchat plays a critical role in many of your incident management processes. It centralizes all of the people, processes and data required for resolution in one location. Hipchat even helps catch failures faster by automating notifications which alert your teams about incidents or bugs so that they can begin immediately discussing and collaborating to resolve the incident. If Hipchat goes down, your teams have to fall back on other communication methods – breaking their usual workflow and slowing down time to resolution.

Hipchat Data Center was built for high availability to solve for these problems. We want teams to be able to communicate and collaborate without interruption. By clustering multiple nodes, you can get uninterrupted communications – even in the event of a hardware failure. Any given node can be shut down, blown up, or simply disconnected from the network unexpectedly, and the rest of the cluster will continue operating with no impact to your users as long as at least one node remains. Using your own load balancer, you can control the data that is sent to the multiple nodes further reducing the potential for downtime.


Scale with your organization

As usage quickly spreads from department to department in many of your organizations, the number of users and their use of the system places more and more demand on the system. We have heard from many of you that you need a strategy to support your scale and that your organization’s teams are using different real-time communication tools – making cross-functional communication difficult. Your teams are trying to move fast and you want to centralize their communications.

We believe that teams that work together should be able to communicate and collaborate on a single platform. Hipchat Data Center supports the scale many of you need – up to 20,000 named users. Deploy Hipchat across your organization to eliminate silos and ensure strong cross-functional communication and collaboration, further accelerating your team’s workflow.


Customize and control your communications

We’ve heard that you want more control over the data stores. You want to be able to leverage your existing data management processes and gain more control over the management of Hipchat to help you comply with your organization’s policies and industry regulations.

By externalizing the data stores in Hipchat Data Center, you now have the ability to apply your own processes to data management, ensuring that you meet these needs. With Hipchat Data Center’s SAML 2.0 support, we have given you the option to shift identity management from Hipchat Data Center to your existing identity provider. By leveraging SAML 2.0, you can save time, ensure data consistency and gain greater visibility over the management of your users and the applications they access. Finally, we will continue to support both VMWare and AWS so that you can choose the right deployment option for your organization.

How and when do I move to Hipchat Data Center?

Don’t worry, we’ll help you put together a plan to make this move. Over the next few months we’ll be providing a number of resources to help you prepare your team and determine the right timing for the transition. In the meantime, you can continue to run Hipchat Server and receive support for the next two years according to our end of life policy. However, we strongly encourage that you begin to make this transition as soon as you are ready to gain the many benefits that will continue to come with Hipchat Data Center.

Here’s a list of resources and activities that will be available as support:

Check out Hipchat Data Center

As always we will support you in your migration and installation journey. If you need help please contact our support team here.

Hipchat Data Center is here!