Remember the last time a discussion really got going in Hipchat? Someone probably wrote, “I bet we could hash this out in 5 minutes if we talked face-to-face.” So you either scheduled a meeting or you flipped over to Skype, Google Hangouts, or your company’s conference-bridge-of-choice. Invariably, the conversation lost momentum.

The new Hipchat video platform solves this problem, putting group video chat and screen sharing right where your team is already collaborating, your rooms.


Starting today and rolling out over the next few weeks, Hipchat Plus users will get group video chat and screen sharing from your Hipchat rooms, at no extra cost.

When there’s a moment of great collaboration, your team can now continue the momentum straight from chat to video, with all team members participating. This is real-time communication for the digital age.

Video chat at the drop of a hat

We have completely rebuilt Hipchat’s video platform and are happy to say it rivals the most stable and reliable platforms on the market – think Apple FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger – but with the added benefit of simplicity. No need to switch applications, download plugins, or interrupt your flow in any way.

Once you’re inside the video chat, anyone can share a live view of documents or browser windows via screen sharing, just like in the 1-to-1 video chats you already use. You decide which window to share, and Hipchat will broadcast it to the room.


Of course, if you’re camera-shy (or, *ahem* “working from pajamas today”), you can toggle your own camera or microphone on and off at any point.

Hipchat still supports 1-to-1 video chat in your private chats but with the added ability to invite other people using an invite URL.


To invite teammates, click the person icon, copy the invite URL, and share it with anyone in your group. Just like that your 1-to-1 video turns into a group video chat.

Smoother, faster, and ready to scale

A great user experience goes beyond what’s on the surface (although we do hope you’ll like the new ringtone). Hipchat group video is now powered by the latest WebRTC technology, which delivers the video quality and speed you expect in 2016.

To ensure reliability in every corner of the world, we’ve dedicated servers throughout the globe.

Start vid-chatting today

Group video chat and screen sharing is rolling out to Hipchat Plus customers over the next few weeks. Just make sure you’re running the latest desktop apps (and maybe invest in some jammies that look like real clothes). If you don’t see it yet, hold tight – it’s coming! The new Hipchat Video is coming to Hipchat Server customers soon.

Happy chatting!

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