With engineering teams becoming more distributed, it’s important that they remain in constant communication to ship better quality products, faster. Email and traditional meetings present many challenges for teams who work in different locations and across various time zones. Finding a time when everyone is available to meet for a weekly standup, managing incidents, and making sure conversations remain confidential are just a few examples. With an enterprise chat tool that provides security and control, like Hipchat Server, teams easily remain up to date on what happened overnight and what needs to get done each day.

8 reasons why your engineering team will love enterprise chat:

1. Connect your remote teams

Remote teams can use group or 1:1 video and screen sharing rather than a traditional phone call to hold more productive sprint planning, design meetings, spec reviews, or ad-hoc meetings. View all past history within your team’s communications to make sure you never miss out on what happened.


2. Keep your communications secure


Organizations with legal or regulatory needs can ensure their communications are kept secure with an enterprise chat tool. Engineering teams often work on private and sensitive matters that must be protected, especially in highly regulated industries. You can run Hipchat Server in your private cloud, or on public infrastructure in a private deployment.

3. Make technical conversations easier

Technical discussions are a whole lot easier for distributed or remote teams with the ability to share your screen from within your enterprise chat tool. Teams can quickly use screen sharing to show the exact steps taken to reproduce a bug rather than taking the time to document them. They can also use screen sharing to walk through more complex builds.



4. Remove distractions with customizable notifications

Engineering teams are typically included in many different rooms, all of which require a different level of engagement. Set different notification options for different rooms to eliminate distractions, stay on top of what matters most, and get more done. Plus, mobile notifications let teammates receive these critical alerts when they’re away from their desks, ensuring they don’t miss an escalation.



5. Integrate with the right tools

Connect the tools your team needs to track progress, manage incidents, and get work done efficiently. Integrate systems such as Bitbucket, Jira, Statuspage Dashboard, GitHub, andHosted Graphite to receive notifications when a build passes or fails, when bug requests are created or updated, and when pull requests are opened or merged. Enterprise chat centralizes your team’s workflow, enabling them to move faster.


6. Make your standups more productive

Today’s chat tools have the ability to utilize bots, which help automate tasks. For example,Standup Bot allows your engineering team to quickly and easily hold standup meetings in Hipchat Server, which is especially useful for remote teams. From within your right sidebar or by using the slash command “/standup”, you can submit a daily standup report asynchronously and Standup Bot records it. Standup Bot takes all of these reports and neatly organizes them in your right side panel so that you and your teammates can easily view each other’s reports when needed.


7. Create virtual war rooms

Enterprise chat allows your team to easily create a room to manage major incidents, outages, bug bashes, or specific projects that smaller groups within your team may be working on. Create ad-hoc rooms to centralize the right data and team members regarding an issue in one place without creating unnecessary noise within your larger team room. By centralizing communications, teams can resolve issues faster. And, the ability to view room history makes retrospective analyses simple.


8. Build camaraderie within your teams

Create custom emoticons for your team or use other integrations or bots such as Sassy or Karmato have some fun with your team. Sassy bot retrieves images, .gifs, maps, videos, information, and more with a simple command. Use Karma bot to congratulate and encourage teammates by @mention-ing any user in a room with a “++” to give karma and “–” to take away karma. (We hope you don’t take away too much karma.)


Finally, mobile access makes knowledge sharing simple by letting teammates quickly share interesting articles, best practices, or new information with one another – anytime. Hipchat Server gives them a platform to create camaraderie and bonds that are often difficult to form when you’re not in the same physical location.

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