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We’re excited to announce that you can now log in to multiple Hipchat accounts from one app, so you can work with all of the teams across your network. Whether you have different accounts for different departments, or you work extensively with clients outside of your company, Hipchat helps everyone work better together. Agencies, consultants, freelancers, and collaborative superheroes rejoice!

Multiple accounts. Singular focus.

You’ve told us that you need a way to navigate through multiple accounts so you can connect with clients, projects, and teams. Let’s get to it.

Setting up multiple accounts is easy:

From the Mac client: Under the Hipchat > Preferences section, click on the “+” button under accounts, you’ll be prompted to log in to your second (or third or fourth) account. Once logged in, the left sidebar will show your newly added accounts. If you’re a keyboard short-cut kind of person, use Ctrl+CMD+Up / Ctrl+CMD+Down to move between accounts.

From the Web client: From the profile settings in the upper right corner, click on “log in to another team” which will take you to a login screen. Go ahead and log in to your other team… voila, you’re done!

Oh and one more thing

To add a little bit of personality, group admins can now update avatars for their teams by going into the group admin settings in the web app.  

We’re closing the gap on countless emails, missed files, and deadlines out the window. Working across multiple accounts will give you back the time to do what you do best: crushing it in the office.

Note:  As of right now, multiple accounts on Hipchat is available on the Mac and Web apps. Stay tuned for updates for other platforms, we’re working on it. 

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Connecting multiple accounts on Hipchat is here