Technology plays a crucial role in a company’s competitive capability. It follows, then, that the ability to understand and embrace the hosting option best suited for your organization highly correlates to your future success. A failure to do so can incur significant opportunity costs and hinder your ability to stay afloat.

Determining what is right for your organization can often come down to whether or not you need to maintain a self-managed environment. Typically, organizations might need to stay self-managed due to specific business requirements or regulations. But for the majority of organizations, Atlassian cloud (our SaaS offering) should be their future. Today, more than 90 percent of customers start with Atlassian cloud products. To better understand which hosting option is right for you, read on.

Does your path lead to the Atlassian cloud?

It’s no secret that the world is moving towards the cloud; 85 percent of organizations expect to make the shift by the end of the year, while 24 percent plan to be cloud-only. To better understand the value of Atlassian’s cloud products and how they can help your organization stave off competition and address adversity, let’s explore a few key benefits.

Time to value

To be competitive, you have to be fast – it’s that simple. As businesses around the world face an uncertain macroeconomic environment, they need to be nimble, make quick decisions, and turn on a dime. This is often the reason organizations modernize their software. When organizations modernize, they want and need to recognize benefits quickly, and Atlassian’s cloud offering makes this a reality.

Once hosted on the cloud, you can instantly onboard new teams and respond to new initiatives without missing a beat, allowing you to quickly scale usage and help teams work better. Additionally, you can accelerate your speed to market by flexing capacity up or down depending on your business needs.

Atlassian cloud skips the need of managed services, or being concerned about downtime, schedule releases, and onboarding users from other domains. Wherever people are located, we can leverage the ease of use, without any worries of operations. Just let the coders code, and all POs and SMs do their job, instead of worrying about the platform they’re using.

Frank van Der Bijl, global product owner, Randstad


How to increase profits (and reduce admin costs) in the cloud

Organizations are constantly mindful of balancing costs and investments to get the most out of their budget. While hosting on the cloud might seem costly at first, it’s essential to consider your long-term strategy.

One of the largest revenue benefits recognized with Atlassian cloud is the ability to eliminate hosting, infrastructure, downtime, and other hidden costs that are typically associated with a Server instance. IT professionals report an average savings of 20 percent when they move to the cloud. Coupled with this, organizations can remove the administrative burden of upgrading versions and other maintenance, and in turn refocus time and money to other more business-critical initiatives. Being able to reallocate resources towards core competencies helps keep current customers happy, decreasing churn, which is a key initiative for any company (acquiring a new customer can cost five times as much as retaining one).

Per-user licensing and multiple Atlassian cloud plans allow organizations to optimize their budget. Switch cloud plans to get exactly the features you need to deliver your best products – no manual upgrade required. And stop worrying whether or not your license tier is the appropriate size; with per-user licensing, you only pay for what you’re using, so your organization has the freedom to scale up and down as necessary. Studies have shown that up to $34 billion per year in the US and UK is wasted on unused software.

We can spend our time working on the things that we’re good at and reduce maintenance and toil.

Evan Lerer, Director of Engineering, Redfin


Innovation is at the core of Atlassian’s cloud offering. Not only do you get to recognize the inherent benefits that the cloud provides, but cloud customers also have access to continuous innovation across new features, integrations and extensibility through platform upgrades, and features such as insights. This ensures that everyone – admins and end-users alike – benefits from the latest capabilities to productively ship with speed and quality. Seamlessly delivery of continuous product innovation passes improvements on to users, and enables teams to be more innovative in their own work.

This is possible because new features are rolled out regularly and in small batches, making it easier for your teams to keep up with changes.This not only helps teams stay competitive by giving them immediate access to the latest features, but also keeps them nimble and connected to the systems they use every day, helping them better perform their jobs.

Moving to the cloud helps us move forward faster and focus on innovation.

Peter Grube, Software Engineer, Homegate

An enterprise option for self-managed needs

While we recognize that our SaaS offering is ideal for most customers, some do need to maintain a self-managed environment for their Atlassian products. More often than not, these are our customers that have certain strict business requirements, regulations, or scale demands that aren’t yet available on our Cloud offering. For these customers, we provide our Atlassian Data Center offering, a modern enterprise solution that enables customers to maintain control over their environment, helping them meet their unique security, compliance, and scale demands. Atlassian’s Data Center provides the ability to either use your own hardware or to start leveraging the benefits of cloud computing by hosting behind your own firewall in public cloud providers such as AWS or Azure. To better understand how Atlassian Data Center can help your organization meet its unique needs read our whitepaper.

Whether you need to maintain a self-managed instance or can leverage the benefits of the cloud, our products are designed to meet your enterprise’s needs and unleash the potential of every team, helping you stay competitive and achieve great outcomes. Learn more to find out if Atlassian’s cloud is right for you.

Understanding your best deployment option