Tens of thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Atlassian’s self-managed deployment options – Server and Data Center – to power teamwork. Take for example Carfax, who relies on the cross-team visibility and transparency of Jira Software, Confluence, and Bitbucket Server to support their agile practices.

“The depth of Atlassian’s functionality and the breadth of business functions have been head and shoulders above the rest,” says Aaron Hall, Director of Project Services at Carfax. “But to me, the transparency and visibility have been the biggest wins.” We’re committed to helping Carfax, and thousands of other customers, get the most out of our self-managed offerings. Read on to learn how we’re doing that.

To me, transparency and visibility have been the biggest wins.” – Aaron Hall, Carfax

Focusing on your top priorities

With distinct Cloud and Server roadmaps, we’re able to hone in on the specific needs of each audience. So keep those new requests and up-votes of existing requests coming on our public issue tracker. With the help of the feedback you’ve provided, we’ve been able to ship features that represent over 30,000 votes from our community in the past two years – including priorities per project with 2,500 votes and Kanban backlogs with more than 500 votes.

Updates to Server and Data Center products

For example, we’ve heard from many customers that they want to keep work moving forward, even when they’re not at their desks. Now, with Confluence mobile apps, teams can do just that. Whether it’s editing a page, responding to a question, or sharing an important update, the Confluence Server mobile app lets teams collaborate anytime, anywhere. And because a team’s work spans multiple applications, we’re developing mobile apps for Jira Server too.

Supporting you as you scale

We’re committed to ensuring our products are reliable and performant as customers grow and standardize their processes with the help of our products. Customers like ANZ Bank who employs more than 50,000 people and supports 10M customers worldwide. ANZ Bank standardized on Atlassian’s Data Center offerings to get the infrastructure they need to manage their team’s growth while meeting reliability and compliance needs. 

We’re honored that ANZ Bank and more than 1,200 companies trust our self-managed enterprise-grade offering, Data Center, to provide the availability, performance, and stability they expect in order to keep growing teams operating at maximum potential.

But as customers grow, they encounter new levels of scale, not just for their organization, but for us at Atlassian too. In fact, Atlassian’s 100 largest Server and Data Center customers collectively manage over 90 million Jira issues. One of the largest deployments of Confluence has over 10 million pages, and one of the largest Bitbucket customers hosts over 57,000 repos on a single instance. These customers are running Atlassian products at massive scale and exemplify the growing need to keep teams connected no matter how big they are.

These customers are pushing our products to new levels of scale that test their fundamental architecture, performance, and how easy they are to administer. So we’re focusing on addressing those needs.

Performance and stability

Project archiving for Jira Software Data Center, and Jira Service Desk Data Center, which lets teams remove old issues and projects from Jira without losing any of the data, have improved performance dramatically. In test environments, we’ve seen performance for certain functions improve 25% after archiving older projects.

For Confluence Data Center, we’ve been working to accelerate response times for end-users. For starters, we upgraded Confluence’s cache service, which has resulted in a 30% decrease in the amount of time server operations take to run.

Admin improvements

Our latest versions include several improvements designed to make admins’ key responsibilities easier. For example, read-only mode for Confluence Data Center lets admins upgrade their environments or perform tasks without disrupting end users.

Most recently, Jira Software now features shared filters and dashboards, helping reduce bottlenecks and encouraging teams to replicate best practices. It’s also easier for admins to see important information in Jira. Improvements to project and custom field lists in the administrator view simplify the tasks of maintaining your instance and keeping it tidy on the back end. Taking that one step further, we’ve added a custom fields optimizer which surfaces the custom fields that may be taxing Jira Data Center performance to help admins remove global contexts with one click.

In Jira Service Desk, new automated approvals are helping to free up agent time. For example, teams can configure expense requests below a certain price point to be automatically approved without agent interaction.

Crowd’s audit log allows admins to view all changes to users and groups and identify who and when those changes were made. The audit log ensures that every configuration change is recorded, allowing organizations to adhere to security and compliance needs.

For Bitbucket and Bamboo admins, we added project level administration which works much the same way that repository settings do. New repositories will inherit settings from the project level, taking one more task of admins’ plates. And the new diagnostic tools in Bitbucket give admins an overview of the system’s health with a summary of alerts and events for the previous 30 days. Surfacing this information helps admins proactively address issues that could lead to more serious problems, or tackle system errors before users begin to report them.

Data Center approved apps

We know just how critical Atlassian Marketplace Apps are to our customers. We’ve seen large-scale Jira instances with as many as 71 apps installed, and found that on average Data Center customers have 1/3 more apps installed than Server customers do. We heard from our Data Center customers that app stability needed attention, so we worked with vendors to perform an architectural review and performance assessment to ensure consistent stability and performance of our customer’s Data Center environments. We’re excited to introduce these new Data Center Approved Apps in the Marketplace, including Data Center approved apps for Portfolio for Jira, Team Calendars for Confluence and Questions for Confluence.

What’s next for Server and Data Center

There’s more in store, as we continue building features that our Server and Data Center customers request, and functionality that helps them more effectively manage their instances at scale. Below is a sample of what we’re working on to address these needs.

Jira Software

We know how important it is to keep teams connected, even on the go. That’s why we’re working on creating mobile apps for Jira Server so work can keep moving forward from anywhere. We’re also addressing some top customer requests around improving the email notifications from Jira. Soon, end users will be able to manage the types of notifications they receive from Jira, reducing noise and driving more informed engagement.

Jira Service Desk

Self-service can be difficult when critical information is scattered and inaccessible, like siloed Confluence knowledge bases. Coming soon, customers will be able to centralize their Jira Service Desk knowledge base by linking Confluence spaces to help agents find what they need, when they need it the most.

Jira Service Desk portals connect customers to support teams and often serve as the face of the organization – so why not make that reflect an organization’s brand and improve the overall customer experience? Coming soon, Jira Service Desk customers will be to customize their portal. From large cover photos to theme colors, they’ll be able to create a more unified customer experience.


As teams create more content in Confluence and instances grow, it can become difficult for users to track down a specific page or space. That’s why we’re working on a completely redesigned search experience that surfaces recent work faster and makes it easier to filter results by space, contributor, labels, content type, and date, as well as sort by date created and date modified. Syntax filtering will allow users to add context to search results using shortcuts (like @mentioning a teammate).


With Bitbucket’s Data Center migration tool, customers will be able to import git data, pull requests, permissions, and attachments from multiple Bitbucket Server instances into a single Bitbucket Data Center instance. Admins will be able to manage Bitbucket users, repo, and project permissions in a single location while consolidating CI/CD and app management. No matter the country, city, or team, developers can share a single digital space to collaborate within.


Our upcoming code insights integrations streamline code review process with detailed information about the state of builds, security scans, and more. Bamboo brings that full circle by enriching the review and merge check process with information from all build plan stages. Soon, developers will be able to merge and deploy even faster and with greater confidence.


Managing permissions can be time consuming and distract from more important work. Coming soon, global admins of Crowd will be able to delegate management of groups to group level owners so that they can add and remove users to the groups they own, distributing workload and improving overall efficiency. On top of being able to reassign responsibility, global admins will maintain the right controls and oversight over the delegated admins with Crowd’s recently improved audit log.

Portfolio for Jira

Aligning product delivery plans and roadmaps across a team of teams is cumbersome. That’s why we’re working to simplify the overall planning experience in Portfolio for Jira by introducing new functionality that will make it easier to plan across a team of teams.

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