As India continues to operate as a driving force in the tech industry, locally-based enterprises now have an opportunity to strengthen their upper hand. Until now, the evolution of SaaS solutions – and the architecture supporting them – has allowed only certain regions to experience accelerated delivery, enhanced cybersecurity, and streamlined collaboration. Fortunately, across India-based industries, enterprises now have an opportunity at a massive competitive advantage.

Over the last few years, enterprise-level workflows have experienced a revolution like never before. According to a recent study, India will host over 850 million internet users across a region already known for innovation and tech savviness – Atlassian sees this as a critical metric in the evolution of distributed work.

Atlassian’s customers represent a diverse array of industries and geographies, from start-ups to blue chips, who rely on Atlassian products to deliver exceptional service across the globe – and India happens to be one of Atlassian’s most dedicated markets. In 2018, Atlassian opened its world-class R&D centre in Bengaluru with a workforce of over 1,800 specialists. Atlassian also hosts over 30 teams focused on its service portal, knowledge bases, incident management, communications, reporting, smarts, ecosystem, automation, and more.

In 2023, Atlassian was recognised as one of India’s top 50 best workplaces for women. Additionally, Atlassian secured a place in the Top 10 Best Companies in India by Great Place to Work, marking a significant climb of 15 places from the previous year. According to Atlassian CTO, Rajeev Rajan:

We are delighted that Atlassian is recognised as a top 10 Best Company to Work For in India. Our mission is to unleash the potential of every team and we do that within our business through a values-led and open culture that fosters wellbeing and innovation. It’s a hugely exciting time for Atlassian in India as it’s our fastest-growing market, and we’re continuing to hire more talent from across the country to join our team.”

Over the course of this blog, we’ll investigate how organisations based in India can modernise their toolbox and processes for consistent delivery and innovation. With actionable insights into how your enterprise teams work to align technical and business teams on a unified platform, the cloud can help you transition from a reliance on redundant point solutions to a fully integrated experience – all while enabling team autonomy.

The Evolution of Enterprise: Embracing the Cloud

What do NASA, HCL, Reddit, Roblox, Infosys, and Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd all have in common? These industry leaders have invested in modern architecture and tools by migrating to Atlassian cloud. A few years ago, Atlassian made a big bet that the future of teamwork was in the cloud and announced that it would be sunsetting Atlassian Server products on 15 February 2024. Since then, customers have realised the incredible value provided by the platform, including Automation, Analytics, and Atlassian Intelligence, as well as new products that are only available in the cloud.

My advice would be to standardise on one platform, one thing I’ve noticed since the pandemic is that there are lots of good SaaS platforms but the challenge is you end up with the legal team using one set of tools, another team in another country using another tool, and [previously] I never had the critical mass to actually support the business properly.” – Matthias Hansen, Group Chief Technology Officer, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd

More than 450 companies surveyed post-migration have reported greater productivity and collaboration. Additionally, 94% of all Atlassian customers are reported to have a Jira Software, Confluence, and/or a Jira Service Management presence on Cloud. A growing number of customers are choosing the Premium and Enterprise editions of our cloud products to take advantage of this innovation as well as enterprise-grade functionality like greater scalability, advanced security and admin controls, and 24/7 best-in-class support. Atlassian continues to be laser-focused on building an advanced cloud experience that can help teams transform their business to respond to market demands.

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Introducing Data Residency in India

Atlassian remains dedicated to expanding data residency to serve as many locations as possible. As of 10 January 2024, Atlassian has added local data residency options for India, Singapore, Canada, UK, Japan, Brazil, South Korea, and Switzerland.

With local data residency, all enterprises, including highly regulated industries such as finance, telecommunications, data providers, or healthcare, can modernise their architecture while meeting the strictest local standards. Many companies can be hesitant about adopting cloud solutions and worry about their data being stored in a region they don’t trust. However, with the cloud quickly becoming the standard for organisations across industries due to its flexibility, security, and innovation, Atlassian Cloud has evolved to accommodate teams in regulated sectors through local data residency

Local data residency allows Atlassian customers to pin their in-scope data to a specific geographical location that best serves their compliance and data privacy requirements. This approach ensures the secure sharing of information across a global workforce with confidence, meeting organisational and regulatory data compliance requirements with ease. Companies facing such data mandates stand to gain a competitive edge by seizing the opportunity to be the first over their competitors to take advantage of extended IT bandwidth and improved collaboration while reducing hardware and licensing costs.

Data residency continues to unlock success for Atlassian customers such as Mercedes-Benz who recently completed a 30,000-user cloud migration:

With data centers, we had to maintain a big team that was only checking networks, seeing if servers were running, installing updates, checking availability, things like that. With Atlassian cloud, everything is done for us, and there’s less downtime and better performance…To be competitive, we have to enable R&D, Support, and all our teams. We do that by making it easier for them to collaborate with each other and enabling them to work faster on the cloud…Atlassian cloud is the solution for high performance, high security, high availability, and the newest features.” – Mehmet Sari, Modern Collaboration Platform Team at Mercedes-Benz

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Atlassian: The platform for innovation

Atlassian is committed to providing customers with the best platform for innovation but also investing in the development of new products that enhance collaboration across teams. From elevating DevEx and improving risk management to streamlining asynchronous communication and introducing AI-powered virtual teammates, Atlassian continues to be at the forefront of optimising the workplace. The below offerings are just some of the examples of the state-of-the-art tools Atlassian is introducing to enterprises globally, including India:


Atlassian’s launch of Compass offers a unified platform to connect teams and information to improve developer experience and in turn, deliver better products faster. Through Compass, you can empower your teams with the processes and technology to promote a healthy engineering culture while improving risk management, reliability, and velocity.

Previously, teams needed to build, maintain, and host their own internal developer portal, but with Compass, your teams can easily track, search, and discover technical architecture, critical component metadata, and related teams through a centralised software component catalog that they don’t need to invest time in managing.

Since the beta launch of the product, world-class engineering organisations, such as Dropbox, KFC UK&I, ExpressVPN, and Boden, have already turned to Compass to improve their developer experience and engineering velocity. Compass is now generally available to Atlassian cloud customers.

Atlassian Intelligence

Cloud users also have access to Atlassian Intelligence which offers an AI-powered virtual teammate to help relieve teams from tedious mundane tasks that get in the way of them using their specific talents for work that’s more impactful. Atlassian intelligence helps operations and support teams get up to speed faster by sharing contextual information between agents and teams in an accelerated fashion. Atlassian intelligence also helps teams find definitions, subject matter experts, and misplaced files to keep things moving.

Welcoming Loom to the Atlassian family

The recent acquisition of Loom is an added treat for cloud teams. Loom is an async messaging tool that helps teams communicate findings through a user-friendly shareable video. With Loom on the Atlassian platform, engineers can soon visually log issues in Jira, leaders can soon use videos to connect with employees at scale, and sales teams can soon send tailored video updates to clients. This is also an incredible HR tool as new employees can be welcomed with highly personalised videos. As Loom becomes a component of the Atlassian toolbox, it will be integrated with Atlassian Intelligence to help customers seamlessly transition between video, transcripts, summaries, workflows, and more.

A bright future for teams in India

There’s never been a more exciting time for enterprise leaders in India looking to invest in a future-fit model of business to modernise their teams. According to Atlassian’s APAC Head of Sales, Jess Gilroy, “The sheer level of innovation we see coming out of India, makes our local data residency announcement that much more exciting – especially as we partner with new customers and continue to invest in the region.” Atlassian provides a range of state-of-the-art cloud-based services that enable teams to operate faster without the hassle of on-premise hardware management. By migrating to Atlassian cloud, teams in India can enhance their level of innovation while boosting team productivity and accelerating delivery.

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