Most cloud-hesitant companies seem concerned that their data could be stored in a region they don’t trust. However, with the cloud quickly becoming the standard for organizations across industries for its support of flexibility, security, and innovation, Atlassian Cloud has also evolved to accommodate teams in regulated sectors through local data residency

In this blog, we’ll explore what exactly local data residency is and how your teams can meet compliance requirements while promoting a high-velocity environment. With local data residency, you can pin your data from Atlassian Cloud products such as Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, Confluence, and Atlassian Data Lake.

Where does Atlassian offer local data residency?

Atlassian currently offers local data residency in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Germany, and the EU – and soon will be expanding to Japan, the UK, and Canada.

According to Atlassian’s APAC Head of Enterprise Sales, Jessica Gilroy, Atlassian’s vision remains to scale data residency options commensurate to Cloud users globally: “In order to handle the rapidly growing demand for our cloud services across South East Asia, we’ve announced our latest APAC cloud region in Singapore to offer our customers true business continuity while meeting in-country data residency requirements.”

What is local data residency?

When a company leaves its in-house self-maintained server for the cloud, it means that it puts its trust in a remote data center maintained by a provider who is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and security (Atlassian Cloud happens to use AWS). Most large cloud providers have dozens of data centers in various locations all over the world. The exact location of your data within these centers is referred to as data residency. With the option of local data residency, your organization can prevent your information from leaving the confines of your determined location.

The benefits of local data residency

One of the looming Cloud roadblocks for teams in regulated industries such as healthcare, government, or finance, is meeting regional data management requirements – which can vary greatly by location. Local data residency gives you the ability to control where your data is stored and processed to help support your compliance obligations, further allowing you to take full advantage of cloud modernization. With Atlassian Cloud you can reliably manage your data directly through us for maximized security while enhancing collaboration and accelerating workflow.

Trust Center: Real-time status updates for total transparency

Here at Atlassian, we’ve assembled this Trust Center as your one-stop reference for everything security, reliability, privacy, and compliance. No surprises here, with Trust Center you can stay up on the status of all of our products and services in real-time. In this portal, you can see firsthand how we adhere to industry standards while obtaining data security certifications such as:

Cloud Adoption and Change Management

If you haven’t yet joined the cloud, Atlassian’s Migration Program Planning Center provides the resources necessary to assess your migration needs while testing your runbook. Unsupported cloud migrations can be difficult to navigate and can draw unintended consequences, fortunately, Atlassian will provide teams the close support they need for a seamless transition – whether you’re a global enterprise or a scrappy startup. To ensure a successful journey to the cloud, make sure to refer to our Cloud Adoption Toolkit to help develop your change management plan with additional tips and best practices for a clean rollout of Atlassian Cloud.

Our cloud solutions have advanced tremendously over recent years, as we implemented technologies such as AI and machine learning to address our customer’s most complex challenges and support their teams in achieving more with less.”

Jessica Gilroy, Head of Asia Pacific Enterprise Sales – Atlassian

Coming Soon: Local data residency in Japan, the UK, and Canada

Atlassian Cloud currently offers local data residency in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Germany, and the EU, but we are also on track to launch in Japan, the UK, and Canada – so stay tuned! These regions are just the beginning as we continue to evolve the safety, reliability, and convenience of cloud computing.

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Why Local Data Residency Matters To You