Now that the dust has settled after Summit, let’s address one of the hot topics coming out of our favorite conference in Sin City: enterprise success. From scaling Atlassian products to ensuring admin success, we have you covered with six standout presentations from Summit. These best-in-class thought leaders share priceless perspectives on innovative practices, new ways of thinking, and tips and tricks for using Atlassian tools at an enterprise scale, compiled here for your convenience. Whether you’re just getting started with Atlassian or you’re already a black belt, buckle up — we’re dropping some serious knowledge below (or feel free to check them all out here).

How Data Center can help you sleep better

Matt Doar, Software Engineer @ LinkedIn

Why watch this presentation? Learn how Data Center can put your administration’s fears to rest.


A little over a year ago, LinkedIn scaled to three million Jira issues and 500 million users with Data Center. But what happened next? Did they see fewer outages? Could it handle the traffic from hundreds of scripts and thousands of users? Was Data Center worth the cost?

Find out the answers to these questions and more as Matt Doar explains how Data Center enabled LinkedIn to get ahead of their demand. And lucky for you, Matt’s a living Jira legend who loves to share best practices he’s uncovered over the course of his career.

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Scaling agile to the enterprise: 5 secrets to unlocking the strategic value of agile

Scott Blacker, Senior Sales Engineer @ Atlassian

Why watch this presentation? Discover how to adopt agile at the enterprise level.


Organizations are moving beyond the adoption of scrum/lean at the team level and looking at how to harness the power of agility throughout the enterprise. As stakeholders from the product to executive levels are becoming intimately linked to the work getting done, new frameworks are being introduced and additional tools are required to support visibility, alignment, and collaboration across multiple portfolios: agile at scale is the answer.

Scott Blacker shares why some of the world’s largest companies are adopting agile at the enterprise level, secret weapons to overcome roadblocks, and how Jira Align can help companies thrive in their mission to be a truly agile enterprise.

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Advocating adoption: best practices for user-friendly Jira configurations

Alex Christensen, Atlassian Suite Engineering Lead @ AppDynamics

Why watch this presentation? Make user adoption a thing of the past and drive organic growth across your enterprise.


As you may know, one of the most difficult tasks for an Atlassian Administrator is user adoption, training, and enablement. Most Jira admins have experienced some form of resistance to change when implementing Jira. So what do you do when this happens?

Join Alex as he demystifies the problem and describes how AppDynamics overcame it. Learn how to speed up the adoption of Jira, as well as workflow configurations that make Jira more approachable for users, leading to organic growth. While this presentation is categorized as “beginner,” the content is invaluable to all skill levels.

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Why I built my career with Atlassian tools, and you should too!

Joseph Pursel, Jira Developer @ Airbnb

Why watch this presentation? Discover how to elevate your career to new heights with Atlassian skillsets.


Seize the day! Now more than ever, companies and organizations are investing in Atlassian tools and looking for individuals with Atlassian experience to fill their open positions. How do you turn this into a benefit for you? Joseph will take you on the unique and fascinating journey of how he transformed his career with Atlassian tools — and how you can too.

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A journey to enterprise agility: migrating 15 Atlassian instances to Data Center

Marc Gidwani, IT Director @ Johnson & Johnson

Why watch this presentation? Learn how to find a viable way to manage applications and users efficiently across multiple instances with Data Center.


How do you coordinate the work of thousands of users, balance the need for teams to innovate, optimize performance, and comply with reporting standards and industry regulations? Find out how Johnson & Johnson accomplished this through consolidating 15 Atlassian application instances across Jira Software, Confluence, and Bitbucket, into a centrally administered enterprise instance.

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60 million customers in 14 years: how Klarna managed extreme growth with Atlassian

Svante Gustafsson Björkegren, Atlassian Wizard @ Klarna Bank AB

Emil Andersson, Atlassian Superhero @ Klarna Bank AB

Why this presentation? Learn how choosing the appropriate deployment option will allow you to conquer rapid growth.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to scale from 0 consumers and merchants to providing payment solutions to upward of 60 million consumers and 100,000 merchants in 14 years? Find out how Klarna Bank AB scaled Jira Service Desk, re-structured the largest FinTech company in Europe, and overcame the challenges of rapid growth.

This presentation is perfect for an advanced audience, addressing scaling at large and focusing on Jira Service Desk’s Data Center deployment.

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