Today we’re announcing Forge will remain free for another year, until 31 December 2025, up to limits that can be referenced here. Meeting the diverse needs of Atlassian customers requires a reliable, feature-rich, and secure developer platform. Extending Forge free pricing for another year keeps the barrier to adoption low so as many developers as possible can use Forge to create useful and innovative solutions.

In our last update, we shared directional thoughts on future pricing. While the pricing model is still being evaluated, we are exploring a consumption-based model above a generous free tier. We are continuing to evaluate which platform components will be charged for and what will constitute the free tier. As we make our evaluation, we are orienting around these principles:

  1. Forge Adoption: Our core focus is maintaining a vibrant Marketplace of trustworthy apps and creating the conditions for new and existing businesses to flourish.
  2. Freemium model: Some Forge functionality will always be free. Forge components we are considering monetizing include Storage, Compute, AI and Data Transfer (where applicable).
  3. Aligning to usage: Longer term, we will explore setting up a model where we pass along charges for an app’s use of various Forge components in proportion to their usage. Our goal is to tie monetization to the use of value-add components and those that are costly to provide. Forge will remain free for the majority of apps.

We will give at least 6 months notice before any pricing changes take effect, and we will seek the input of Forge users and partners as we go through the evaluation.

Additionally, apps that exceed platform limits allowed under Forge free pricing will be contacted to discuss the use case. Apps will not be automatically blocked.

Revenue share updates

We are also extending the Forge revenue share rates through December 31, 2025 to align with our Forge pricing timeline. Forge revenue share rates themselves will remain the same. To recap, any Forge apps published on the Atlassian Marketplace will be treated per the pricing for cloud apps through December 31, 2025. For new Forge apps, app developers will earn 95% of the gross revenue of all sales made within the first year, and 85% thereafter. In order to be eligible for the 95% revenue share, Forge apps must use Atlassian-hosted storage and compute as outlined here.

Our investment in Forge

Extensibility continues to be a core value of the Atlassian platform, one that is becoming even more important as AI capabilities and connected data become part of day-to-day teamwork. At Team 24, Atlassian announced Rovo, a new tool that uses the power of generative AI to find data scattered across tools and platforms, unearth insights, and take action. Rovo Agents are virtual teammates that can be built and customized using a no-code text interface – or using Forge. Developers will be able to use Forge to programmatically create Rovo Agents and implement custom skills the allow Rovo Agents to solve new use-cases and integrate additional data sources.

Forge extensibility for Rovo Agents is one forward-looking example of how Forge continues to evolve, giving developers new opportunities and more ways to create value for app end users. As we evaluate future Forge pricing, developers can expect to see this investment continue, with innovative new platform capabilities and enhancements to help Partners run enterprise-grade apps at scale.


Q: Why aren’t pricing details available beyond 2025?

A: To create a sustainable business, pricing has to be calibrated to current market conditions, and there are many variables that can change over the next 18+ months. These include pricing for the services Atlassian consumes to deliver Forge, as well as AI technology and costs. We will also continue to research and collect feedback on partner and customer needs to inform our decisions.

Q: Will Marketplace revenue share decrease?

Marketplace revenue share and partner costs associated with building and maintaining apps are all factors we are considering as we evaluate Forge pricing. Our goal is to balance the cost of Forge with other costs Marketplace Partners are managing.

Forge will remain free through 2025