Summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere and we’re excited to show off Confluence’s fresh new look. Beach body feels, anyone? This new look is focused on creating a more intuitive and simplified experience. We took the complex parts of the product and brought it down to the main principles of connecting people and empowering them to create great work together.

Making getting around easier

Confluence’s fresh new look is all about providing a more usable and accessible workspace. We have taken the core pieces of Confluence and simplified the UI so you can focus on the things that matter.

A major part of Confluence’s makeover comes with an update to navigation. Here are a few pointers to get adjusted:

Looking for those familiar navigation panels and icons you’re used to? To the left, to the left is where all the important information is now kept. Your pages, spaces, and updates can now easily be accessed on the left side of the screen, leaving the rest of the interface dedicated to creating beautiful content.

We have harmonized the navigation sidebars and added a global layer so you can easily search and navigate across all Atlassian Cloud products. We wanted to connect people to their content and access your work in the entire Atlassian Cloud suite as easy as possible. That thin blue strip down the left edge—that’s the global sidebar. Search, manage your profile, view notifications, get help all from here. Need to switch over to any of your other Atlassian cloud products? Hit the app-switcher—three horizontal lines—to change apps as you get a unified experience and feel right at home regardless if you’re on Confluence, Jira, or any of our other cloud products.

You will also notice sleeker, more contextual icons for easier access to features and functionality.

Finding your content is now faster with an updated search function which scans your recent pages and the spaces you saved your work in so you can jump right in to update and collaborate on the documentation, product requirement, or project your team is working on.

All other specifics can be found on the trusty Confluence documentation site.

Changes in the way you edit, not just how you navigate

Editing, commenting, and overall collaborating has gotten easier and simpler in the latest Confluence update. We are gradually rolling out the updates to our editing features so expect to see those on your Confluence instance in the coming weeks.

Focus only on the most important actions with a cleaner slate and more space to make editing and viewing content easier on the eyes.

Great news! Our shortcuts are being updated to ensure alignment with Google Docs for headings and lists and no conflict with your existing browser shortcuts.

For all of those content formatting experts, Confluence Cloud is officially switching from using WikiMarkup to Markdown for shorthand formatting so you can write beautifully formatted content even faster.

More details about the above mentioned updates on shortcuts and Markdown can be found in this Confluence documentation post.

Mobile makeover

We’ve extended this great new look to Confluence Cloud for Android and iOS along with a custom iPad app. You can now have a seamless experience across all of your devices to create, edit, comment, and get notifications from anywhere at anytime.

Confluence for all

Teamwork can be complicated and messy, but modern Confluence makes it easier than ever to work with your extended team. With a simpler way to navigate and a new look centered on making content more discoverable, now is a perfect time to share your love and use of Confluence with other teams you collaborate with in your company.

We’re not done, yet. More to come!

This has been an exciting year in Confluence-land and there are more things to come. We will keep adding and refining our designs and features to continue empowering teams around the world to create their best work. Our team has been listening, taking notes, and incorporating all your feedback into the product as we rolled out the new version of Confluence gradually to ensure we were providing an optimal experience. A massive thank you to all who provided and continue to provide feedback on the product. Please continue doing so via your profile and megaphone icons located in the Confluence sidebar.

Do your best work with the new Confluence!

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The new look of Confluence: more power to do your best work