In our last post, we told you about the work we’ve done under the hood to make Confluence faster. Pages load twice as fast as a year ago, so you can get to your content without interrupting your work flow. But we haven’t just focused on making Confluence faster, we’ve worked hard to make you faster too. That comes down to two important functions: creating and editing content. In this post, I’ll cover two improvements to how you create and edit content.

Start a new page in a single click

When I’ve got a burning idea, I want to jot it down as quickly as possible. The same is true when I want to take some quick notes in a meeting. Many times that means starting a new blank page. To save you time when creating blank pages, we’ve simplified the process from three steps to one with our new ‘quick create’ option. Instead of a single create button in the header, you’ll now see two options: Create (blank page) and Create from template.  image2015-11-25 11-16-52

Here’s how quickly you can start a new Confluence page:


For the times when you want a more structured page, all of the page templates and other content types are just as easy to access as they were before.

Just choose the Create from template Create+from+template option in the header. Confluence will present you with a menu of blueprint and template options to start a new page from.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.18.04 AM-1

Edit without losing your place

Forget having to spot the same typo twice. Confluence will now keep you in the same spot when you move between viewing a page to editing it. No more having to scroll all the way up, click edit, scroll back down, find your typo and then make the change. You can make this transition happen even faster using the keyboard shortcut ‘e’.


What’s next?

We’re not done yet! Come back next week to learn how we’ve updated your Confluence dashboard to make finding and resuming your work easier. Subscribe to this blog for more updates, and follow us on Twitter.

Using Confluence Cloud?

Good news: you’ve already got these improvements, and you’ll continue to see Confluence performance improve.

Using Confluence Server?

We recently shipped Confluence 5.9 with these improvements and many more. Upgrade now.

You benefit from many of these improvements, too. Stay tuned for more details on these updates reaching Server in the next couple months.

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