Search is one of the most valuable features in today’s software world. Being able to quickly find relevant information through thousands of lines of code, or hundreds of agile boards, build plans, and tests is a necessity for staying speedy and efficient. Without access, content is useless.

Knowing that many of our customers have very large and growing instances with hundreds to thousands of projects and plans, we have improved filtering and search so that Bamboo stays a world-class enterprise solution with more options for all users. Additionally, we’ve added an extra option for easier user management without tool-switching. Read on to learn more about all we have for you in this release!

Handy search shortcuts for your dashboard

The single filter per user is now improved to “Quick Filters”. Quick filters enable users to have multiple, more advanced filters so you can get easier access to what you need and search through your plans faster. These search shortcuts in your Bamboo build dashboard allow you to create filters based on configurable rules.


New user management option & more!

No more moving to Crowd to disable users. In this new release, we have a new user management option that allows you to deactivate users from within Bamboo. It’s as easy as finding the user under the user management screen and unchecking the “Active User” checkbox. Deactivated users won’t receive any notifications and can no longer log in to Bamboo.


Last, but not least, we’ve added support for yet another database: PostgreSQL 9.5.

Regardless of if you’re in early stages of continuous delivery, or operating on more advanced levels, Bamboo has all you need to grow with you. You can start with Bamboo by creating a simple plan sitting on your local Git repository or configure a multi-stage plan with dependencies and auto-triggered deployments projects. Try it for free if you are looking for a strong continuous integration software, or upgrade to 5.12 and benefit from all enhancements and new features.

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Quick filters, improved user management & more...