Implementing continuous integration at scale is essential to scaling your overall DevOps practice. The tools and technology you use shouldn’t hinder your ability to scale these practices alongside your business. We’ve recently introduced capabilities that allow you to scale your DevOps practices using modern CI/CD and today we’re excited to announce 500 and 1,000 agent tiers in Bamboo. Now you can increase build agent pools to match your team’s size.

Bamboo 6.3 also helps your teams stay focused and reduces context switching through improved branching controls for multiple repositories and a new config-as-code YAML option for project configuration. Read on to learn more or, download the new version to get started with Bamboo 6.3 now.

Download Bamboo 6.3

Scaling modern CI/CD

Greater testing capacity allows teams to increase their deployment frequency while improving internal and external customer satisfaction. With higher agent tiers of 500 and 1000 now available, large organizations can take advantage of Bamboo more than ever: reduce build queuing, push more concurrent processes, and ultimately release better quality code more often.

Every team dependent on testing benefits from the efficiency gains of a larger pool of build agents, while admins can  rely on a single source of truth for all builds. Help your company set the gold standard for consistent, well-tested, and frequent releases.

Project configuration your way

Bamboo Specs gives you the ability to define Bamboo plan configurations as code, making it easier for developers to do what they want to do (stay in their terminal). But let’s face it: not all development teams in an enterprise organization are alike and it’s probably fair to say that not all of your developers are Java experts – nor should they need to be. That’s why the next iteration of Bamboo Specs includes YAML support. Bamboo YAML Specs is a simplified and declarative way of using configuration as code and allows build plans to be created regardless of a developer’s preferred programming language.

Bamboo build plans created in YAML or Java let your engineering teams manage and track changes to build testing in one location. With less of a need to navigate away from the terminal, your teams can stay focused on delivering those top business priorities.

Bamboo build plan spec comparison for Java and YAML

In conjunction with YAML specs, we’ve improved the branching controls to allow changes to individual branches for all repositories in your plan, regardless whether the branch was created manually or automatically. If your teams have services or core dependencies outside of their parent repository, this will support specifying a preferred version or differentiate between development and production branches.

Bamboo multiple repository branch control UI

YAML and agent tiers aren’t the only improvements in 6.3. Check out our release notes to learn more, then upgrade to 6.3 and get started.

Download Bamboo 6.3

Scale modern CI/CD with Bamboo 6.3