In our 2016 Software Development Trends report, container adoption positively correlated with team size, peaking at 51% for teams of 150+ developers. With use cases ranging from cloud-native applications, microservices, and potentially stateful applications, container usage will continue to grow. In practice, containerized environments provide a painless method for building and running your applications, whether as a set of independent microservices or a monolith.

How many times have you had to work through local environment issues when running code only to have it fail as soon as it tests start to run? With Bamboo’s Docker Runner, those problems are a thing of the past. Now, create and isolate your end-to-end build processes inside Docker containers with full control to install build dependencies or manage resource usage. Using Bitbucket Server and Bamboo 6.4, it’s easy to incorporate containerization into your CI/CD workflow to support DevOps practices at scale. Read on to learn more… or, get started with Bamboo 6.4 now.

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Containerize your environment

Adopting DevOps is more than automating tasks. Automation tools need to provide structure, scalability, and performance. Docker Runner in Bamboo 6.4 enables greater CI/CD pipeline automation with containerized builds and pre-built Docker images for testing and deployment consistency.

Growing pains can test the limit of any team’s ability to scale, and error-prone processes will only slowdown on-boarding and release cycles. New engineers can spend days setting up a development environment, and seasoned engineers experience indiscriminate erratic build failures. With Docker Runner, you can speed up your testing and deployments using Docker images to manage build environments and reduce feedback cycles between build engineers and developers. Now, you can incorporate prebuilt images into your Bamboo test plans and gain build repeatability, reliability, and transparency via Docker. Say goodbye to headaches and repetitive tasks and hello to a seamless deployment pipeline with containerized environments.

Docker Runner in Bamboo

If you’re taking advantage of Bamboo Specs for running test plans, you can specify a Docker image within your YAML or Java specs. Just store a configuration file in your Bitbucket Server repository to manage testing plans and containerized environments with traceability and versioning. Supporting Docker’s premise of creating build transparency, you can now review test configurations and break down silos between developers, QA, and Ops.

docker image in bamboo specs

Managing build timeouts

Multithreaded code and tests pair about as well as orange juice and cereal. Not only do thread-safety and race conditions become a concern, but you have to worry about the dependency on the testing environment as well. When multithreaded testing goes wrong, it can lock up build agents and prevent other tests from running.

In Bamboo 6.4, you can force-stop hanging builds automatically with configurable settings for timeout, quiet logs, or by a multiple of average build time. Give your team peace of mind when running tests overnight with these newly native build management capabilities.

Download Bamboo 6.4

We know more and more teams are turning to Docker for building new microservices and cloud-native applications or modernizing their legacy applications. The latest release of Bamboo makes practicing DevOps at scale seamless by automating Ops concerns like build server configuration, reducing the likelihood of unpredictable failures in production, and providing a path to automated application deployments.

Delivering scalable DevOps practices with Docker in Bamboo 6.4