Rod Boothby, Innovation Creators blogger, writes that organisations should consider implementing a Read/Write Intranet, which is precisely what many of our customers have done using Confluence. We also have a case study of how Confluence customer, RedAnt, uses a wiki as their extranet.
Before working at Atlassian, my previous employers’ intranets were collections of file servers. Content was lost, misplaced, difficult to find, difficult to share, and difficult to version. At Atlassian, our intranet is the wiki. Productivity is a quantum leap ahead of the file server(s) model. We can continue to share files, of course, and even comment on the files uploaded. But really the benefit has come from being able to share and develop content faster and more effectively… not to mention all the other wiki benefits like versioning, full search, collaboration, transparency, etc.
Check out Read/Write Intranet blog and while you’re there, please vote for Confluence! 🙂

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