If you’re reading this, you likely use and love Hipchat. Sure, we let you communicate in real time with team members all over the world, but Hipchat does more than that.

Our emoticons allow you to connect and bond with your team members by conveying tone (in our case, it’s usually sarcasm) that would be missing from text alone. HubSpot listed our universal emoticons in the post Easter Eggs: 13 of the Internet’s Best Hidden Gems

Hipchat natively supports over 150 universal emoticons. However, the Hipchat team regularly receives requests for new universal emoticons. We only create universal emoticons when we feel like it. For example, we recently created (fonzie), just for fun.

Announcing the Hipchat Universal Emoticon Auction

We’re holding an auction for the new universal auction, and are taking bids through February 14. The winning bidder will be able to decide what our next universal emoticon will be for Hipchat users around the world! This will include choosing the image or animated gif, deciding on the (trigger) and working with our designer to get a final emoticon to their standards.

We will blog and tweet about the winner. If substantial money is raised, we will also pitch the story to media via our PR team.

Why we’re doing this

A group of dedicated Atlassians has an ambitious goal of raising enough money for Room to Read  to fund secondary education for 50 girls in Cambodia. The Hipchat team aims to raise $1,500 from this auction so we can educate 1 girl through grades 7-12.

Will you help us reach our goal? Bid now! 

Need some inspiration?

Here are just a few examples of emoticons you may take advantage of this:

  • Add one you’ve always wanted

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.31.56 AM 1

  • Make your colleague’s day

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.32.05 AM

  • Share your private emoticon with the rest of the world

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.32.15 AM


Bid now!

Bidding is easy. We’ve partnered with Charitybuzz.com to list this once in a blue moon opportunity.

Bid Now

Y U NO have more emoticons? Bid now!...