RoadTrip2013_Logo_XLargeAnother Atlassian RoadTrip has come and gone, and we couldn’t be more humbled by the experience. Events like RoadTrip are the best way for us to put our ears to the ground and press the flesh (pardon the idioms, we’re feeling a little sentimental), and really connect with our users. And, as we endeavor to walk the walk of our build with heart and balance company value, we’re constantly asking for your feedback. So what did we find out? Everyone wants to talk Git.

Giddy about Git

A lot of teams are switching to Git (or considering it), but need a little help. The initiative is often being driven by just one person, and getting the rest of the team up to date on the technology–not to mention bought into a new tool–can be a challenge. This is especially true for folks who are interested in moving large or even enterprise-sized teams to Git, but are daunted by the scale: migrating that much code and getting that many people to adopt a new workflow… can it be done?

The bottom line is that teams don’t just want the best technology, they also need guidance and examples. We’ve got your back! Make sure your team knows about our Git Tutorials and Training, which serves as a simple, visual introduction to using Git.

But some teams aren’t even at that point yet, and are still considering whether making the move to Git is the right call. If that sounds familiar, we can help there, too: Check out our Git resources, including a video with our CEO in conversation with a senior software engineer at Orbitz, talking about adopting Git in the enterprise. You can also read about how our own engineering team made the switch to Git in this series of blog posts.

It’s not all about Git, though…

A lot of these conversations lead to knowledge sharing in general. You told us that you’re looking for guidance not just on adopting new technologies, but how to use our tools, and how we do things internally at Atlassian. We heard that you love things like the “Help Me Start” tutorial in GreenHopper–one customer even told us, “Everything I know about Scrum, I learned from GreenHopper.” We’re excited to keep bringing you features and tools that help your team work faster and smarter. A great example of this is the recently redesigned Atlassian Answers, which is a goldmine of information on Atlassian products.

See you next time?

charlie_in_munichWe hope you all had as much fun as we did! While sharing how our teams work to deliver useful products is important, RoadTrip is really all about engaging people in the ongoing dialogue that shapes our products, and connecting users, Atlassians, Experts and AUGs at the local level. To the 1,000+ people we met from Los Angleles, to Paris, to Sydney, and everywhere in between: Charlie and the RoadTrippers send a big, fat thank you! We can’t wait to see you at the next RoadTrip (or better yet, at our fifth annual Atlassian Summit on October 1-3 in San Francisco)!

Wrapping up RoadTrip 2013...