I’m trying to get a read on whether we should organize a worldwide user conference. If you can take 2 seconds and let us know on this survey, it would be really appreciated. Before you vote, here are some of the details…

When and where would it be?
This fall in San Francisco, we’d probably make it into a 2-day conference.
How much does it cost to attend?
Free for all customers. I was thinking we might charge a nominal fee of $50 to get a commitment from people so we (hopefully) avoid a last minute cancellation frenzy.
What would it be?
Aha… the interesting stuff. These are some ideas off the top of my head of what it could be, but your comments and suggestions are welcome.

  • Workshops for configuring and/or customizing the applications
  • Training classes for administrators and/or users on all our products
  • 7 brilliant ideas: 7 customers give 5-minute presentations each on cool things they’re doing with Jira or Confluence, then open it for Q&A
  • Open sessions… similar to a birds-of-a-feather, the discussion is determined by group. Three or four agenda items are selected by vote, then people break off into the discussion that interests them.
  • Atlassian Q&A: open session with Atlassian founders and developers.
  • Hackathon: an evening/night event to work on new plugins
  • Getting wiki buy-in: less developer-centric, this would be a session on different ways wikis are used in organizations and methods for getting your community involved in using the wiki
  • Agile Development with Jira, Confluence, and Bamboo
  • Making connections: hooking up our apps with other apps, who’s doing it, what are they doing, how to do it
  • Plugins. Demos of new plugins and/or a workshop on building plugins and connectors
  • Networking, networking, networking: aside from all the above, the whole point of this event is to meet peers and Atlassian staff. We’d make sure there’s plenty of time to socialize, eat good food, and make connections.

If you’re an Atlassian customer, please vote!.

Would You Attend an Atlassian User Conference?...