Last June I unexpectedly found myself living in Scotland. This pushed the commute to my place of work as a Confluence Developer in Sydney to just a fraction short of 17,000km. After a few days this became a little unmanageable and I decided to convert one of the bedrooms in my house to a home office.

This was going well however with baby number two due in about three weeks time, I had to finally succumb to the gentle persuasion that my home office needs to become a nursery.
So I’m left with a problem – how do I continue to work from home, and continue to do it without the distraction and disturbances associated with being at home (i.e. how do I avoid those pesky kids!)? Easy, a 20 year old caravan bought for the equivalent of $800 AUD.


outside caravan.JPG
At the moment, while it isn’t -20 degrees celcius outside, this is a pretty decent little workspace. I’ve actually got better facilities than before: an ensuite toilet, kitchen, king size bed, 3 skylights and more windows than I know what to do with. I’m also thoroughly enjoying the 1980’s decor! 🙂
oot the windae.JPG

Unlike the majority of the Confluence developers I’m in the northern hemisphere which means I’m rapidly heading into winter. This old van’s got an ancient gas fire fitted which I’m hoping still has a bit of oomph left in it yet! Look in on me occasionally will you?
And please feel free to regale me with stories of your own unusual places of work in the comments section below!

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