This is a guest post from ALM Works, makers of the Structure add-on for Jira.

ALM Works is thrilled to announce a new coding contest for developers to extend and integrate with Structure, our best-selling issue organization add-on for Jira. If you’re a developer who uses Structure – or a Structure user with access to a friendly developer – this is an awesome opportunity to show off your skills and ingenuity, earn kudos, and be recognized as an accomplished Structure expert. As if that wasn’t enough, we will be giving away regular prizes to the winners of our challenges – the first one is already underway!

What is Structure?

If you’re not familiar with our plugin, here’s a quick overview: Structure is an issue organizer for Jira that displays issues in a hierarchical data grid with flexible columns that can be added, removed, resized, and reordered to create different views. By default, Structure provides a column type for every issue field in Jira, as well as some Structure-specific columns including configurable progress displays, icon columns, and aggregate numerical columns.

In Structure 2.5 we added new JavaScript and Java APIs for extending Structure with custom column types, and that is exactly what our first challenge is all about!

Jira Structure column picker

Challenge #1: Create a custom column

The first challenge is to create a custom column for Structure. It can be pretty much anything you like, as long as it is functional and useful. For example, your column could calculate and display the age of an issue, the number of comments it has, how many child issues are underneath it in the current hierarchy, provide a shortcut to a Jira function – pretty much anything that could conceivably serve a purpose.

With our APIs, you could even build columns that integrate with other Jira add-ons, whether by displaying data from another plugin or providing a quick link to perform an action on an issue using another plugin.

Getting started

All the documentation you need to get started is in the Structure Developer’s Guide where you’ll find a detailed tutorial on how to create a sample column. Structure columns are created and packaged just like any other Jira plugin, and can be installed in Jira via the plugin manager. You could even upload your Structure column to the Atlassian Marketplace! Full contest rules and guidelines are available here.

Get started

Jira Structure status bar

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