atlassian do-gooder awardThe Atlassian Do-Gooder Award is back! Open to our Community License holders, the Do-Gooder award is a competition that simply asks: what’s your story? The best story-teller, ie, the winner of the competition, will win a $10,000 donation for their non-profit, a free pass to Atlassian Summit to accept the award, a free stay at the event, reimbursement (up to $500) for airfare, and the everlasting admiration of their peers. Past winners include the International Potato Center and Mercy Ships.

The competition

The rules are pretty simple: describe the impact our license contribution has had on your organization or the lives of the people that you serve, and you could win. Have fun with your submission – haikus, songs, videos and animations are not only allowed, but encouraged! Ready? Submissions are due by May 13th so get started now.

Win $10,000 for your charity or non-profit...