Wikis are front and almost-center of, and Confluence customer Sony PlayStation is mentioned in Tapping Wikis for Web Community-Building.
The article is a good general overview of wikis in the corporate world. If you need to convince your boss to use a wiki, this is probably not a bad place to begin as it contains a broad range of use cases from nearly half a dozen name brand companies.
Some of the examples include:

  • Collaboration on product development with both internal and external teams
  • Keeping Marketing, Legal, Finance departments all on the same page
  • Tracking industry news
  • Setting meeting agendas
  • Getting your community to help with documentation

The only piece I question is about the “pitfalls suffered by Wikipedia.” While the community policing model occasionally fails in Wikipedia (and considering the size and scope of Wikipedia, it’s been extremely rare), in a corporate environment employees are no more likely to say disparaging things on a wiki, or purposefully introduce erroneous information, than they would on a bulletin board in the hallway (besides, wikis track all user comments and changes).
The complete article is here.

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