It appears the rumours floating around at Office 2.0 were true. Congratuations are in order to JotSpot. Today it was announced that they have been acquired by Google.
Everyone here at Atlassian who has met someone from JotSpot, either at a wiki Wednesday, a conference, or a meet up in the Bay Area, has had nothing but a positive experience. We wish the new Googlers the best.
What does it mean for the wiki industry? From a 6,096 metre (or 20,000 ft.) level, it’s just another indicator that wikis are hot right now. Microsoft, Oracle and others are stepping into the game. But immediately, it’s difficult to say. Zoli Erdos offered the most interesting speculation about the future of Jot’s application, Isabel Wang blogged about the space, and Richard McManus also weighed in. But maybe John Batelle said it best, “Innaresting.”
For our part, we’re going to keep building the best enterprise wiki on the market and setting the pace for how wikis are used in organisations. Atlassian is highly profitable and growing rapidly, we’re closing in on our 2,000th Confluence customer (we have surpassed 3,900 Jira customers), and our product lines have recently expanded. We will be announcing shortly the release of Confluence Massive, a clustered version of our software for large deployments. And there are several other announcements to follow about Atlassian Confluence specifically. Stay tuned.

For JotSpot Wiki Server Customers

We noted that JotSpot is discontinuing their JotSpot Wiki Server. For JotSpot Wiki Server customers who wish to switch to another behind-the-firewall enterprise wiki, now is the time to consider migrating to Atlassian Confluence. We’ll oversee your data migration and offer you a 25% discount off of any Confluence license. Interested? Just email us at for details. Not sure who we are? Check out Susan Scrupski’s recent write up.
Update (21 May 2007)
This offer has been discontinued.

Atlassian To Help JotSpot Customers Migrate Data...