Does higher pricing mean greater value? The pricing-to-value phenomenon is discussed as a factor in selling consumer products, but does it play in enterprise software? The reality is that many companies don’t consider something “enterprise” unless it has a big price tag associated with it. Something must be “wrong” with it if it isn’t priced high.
Wikis are a great example of enterprise software without the enterprise price tag. They solve big problems like collaboration, knowledge management, and file sharing at a fraction of the cost.
Random($foo) had some interesting things to say about Confluence in the context of enterprise features — user management, permissions, support for multiple databases, ease of use for different types of users, etc. We also appreciate the suggestions presented on this page, they’re all good and we encourage people to go to our suggestion page to vote on their favorite ideas for upcoming product features.
The bottom line is this: enterprise software doesn’t have to be bloated and pricey provided that it has the usability and flexibility that enterprises require.

Wikis for the Enterprise...