I’ve had this dream lately that the first politician who can apply transparency to his or her campaign wins. A reality series in which a candidate is followed by a camera crew 24/7 so we can see his or her brilliant moments and foibles. In the USA, anyway, our politicians all talk about being more transparent, but few if any ever are; no doubt it’s a universal characteristic of politicians everywhere.
Can a wiki — a tool built for transparent collaboration and knowledge sharing by communities — aid in the democratization of American politics? You decide.

Hello. My name is Pete Ashdown, and I am running for the United States Senate in Utah in 2006. This is where you have the power to influence my Campaign for U.S. Senate. You can help work on policy, strategize in an open forum, or simply see what needs to be done. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, I’m covering new ground every day.

Pete Ashdown Campaign wiki
Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with Pete Ashdown. His views are not necessarily our views, we are not endorsing him. We just thought the wiki thing was cool.

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