Wikipatterns has a new look! We just launched a new design for Wikipatterns with an organic theme that emphasizes growing your wiki. With the addition of the theme, the site is much less technical looking, and I’m hoping this makes it more inviting for non-technical users.
Speaking of users and site activity, there are now 216 contributors to Wikipatterns, 54 patterns (the site started with 29), and the site has been bookmarked 847 times on, a popular social bookmarking site. Many pages have ongoing conversations in the comments, and I’m stewarding the conversations, encouraging people to contribute, and turn their suggestions for new patterns into pages they create and initially seed with content.
Your feedback on the new design and patterns is welcome! And of course you should feel free to make some edits to the site that describe patterns of adoption that worked in your organization, add some additional resources, or whatever information will help the greater wiki community.

Wikipatterns has a new look!...