If you ever want to see a human being express completely unrestrained passion for a subject, just ask Stewart Mader over at Future Changes if there’s any difference between an enterprise wiki and Wikipedia. As a wiki evangelist, Stewart justifiably finds this confusion between wikis for business and Wikipedia to be one of his greatest pet-peeves.
As the most widely-known wiki deployment in the world (and arguably a major milestone in human achievement), Wikipedia has done a lot to raise the public’s awareness of wiki technology. However, that success is a two-edged sword for us wiki evangelists. That’s because Wikipedia’s popularity has shaped the public’s notion that wikis are only for building encyclopedias and that the controversies surrounding Wikipedia are applicable to all wikis.
So, in an homage to Stewart, we presented to you Why Your Wiki Isn’t Wikipedia as recorded live in our Wiki Theater at Web 2.0 Expo earlier this month.

Download Video: wiki_not_wikipedia.mp4

To hear Stewart’s full presentation on why your Wiki isn’t Wikipedia, check out his blog.

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