I’m in Brisbane, Australia today and tomorrow to visit Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and participate in their Wiki Symposium tomorrow. The symposium is organised around three themes — Learning and Teaching, Research, and Business Support — and is intended to bring QUT’s wiki community together to share examples, case studies, and ideas. I’ll give the opening talk tomorrow on successfully growing wiki adoption, capitalizing on the low structure nature of the wiki to make it work for diverse needs, and using & the concept of usage patterns to help build common practices, which is especially important for a large organization.
Here’s the official description:

Wikis for Higher Education Teaching and Learning, Research and Business Collaboration
An interactive event involving:

  • A keynote presentation from Stewart Mader (noted wiki/social software researcher, author and speaker)
  • Roundtable discussions for those interested in wikis for teaching and learning, research and/or business collaboration
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Staff expert panels

Wiki Symposium at Queensland University of Technol...