refinedwiki_logo.png This is a guest post by Emil Sjödin, CTO of RefinedWiki, one of Atlassian’s official partners. This post highlights the new features shipped in the latest release of RefinedWiki Mobile Interface, a Confluence plugin that allows you to use Confluence on your smartphone and iPad.

RefinedWiki has just released version 1.3 of the RefinedWiki Mobile Interface. This is an exciting release with a number of features to improve functionality and customise the look and feel of Confluence’s Mobile Interface on your smartphone and iPad.

1. Customise the look and feel

It’s now possible to customise the look and feel of the Mobile Interface. You can easily change the color of the menu elements to match your logotype and company colors. We’ve also improved the Mobile Interface’s navigation by applying different colors to the menu elements of hierarchical pages.

For instance, the color of Confluence’s Dashboard menu elements will be different than that of a space or page. Even without breadcrumbs, you’ll always have a point of reference in the Mobile Interface.
You also have the flexibility to determine your different coloring options by deciding if you want to use colored or gray scaled icons. Further customise the Mobile Interface by applying footer content to every page, such as your team’s logo or a Copyright notice.

2. Better communication between the mobile version and the classic version

It’s easy to toggle between the ‘mobile version’ (Confluence Mobile Interface) and the classic version (Standard Confluence). A link to visit the ‘classic version’ is conveniently located at the bottom of every page in the ‘mobile version’ of Confluence. Similarly, a banner that highlights a link to view Confluence in the ‘mobile version’ has been added to the top of every Confluence page viewed in the ‘classic version’. It’s now easier to navigate between the mobile and classic versions of Confluence on your favorite smartphone or iPad.

3. Works on most smartphones

The Mobile Interface does not require anything installed on the client side. RefinedWiki supports Safari (iPhone), Android, Opera Mini (Blackberry, Java phones, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc.. ) and mobile WebKit.


4. Got an iPad?

The Mobile Interface works great on an ipad too! The larger iPad screen makes it really easy to interact with the Mobile Interface so you can get the most out of Confluence. See more screenshots below.

Learn More

To learn about all the new features of RefinedWiki Mobile Interface 1.3, see the release notes. Also, make sure to visit the Mobile Interface documentation or check out the product’s website for even more information.

Try it Now!

If you’d like to try the latest release of the RefinedWiki Mobile Interface, visit the Confluence Sandbox on your smartphone or iPad.

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