Have you ever wanted to keep a team member notified of changes to a space, page or blog post? Now you can, with ‘Manage Watchers’, a feature released in Confluence 3.3 that allows you to keep all your key stakeholders informed of important updates. Whether you’re using Confluence for documentation, knowledge management or as an intranet, your teammates can stay up to date on the latest documents without getting bogged down by information or email overload. Staying in ‘the know’ without receiving thousands of emails is a critical part of collaboration and wiki functionality.


The benefit of ‘Manage Watchers’ is that you can actively keep your team in the loop. Gone are the days of directly contacting team members about new page creations. With ‘Manage Watchers’, you can select which team members you want Confluence to notify when you create a new page or blog post. Keeping your team on task has never been easier.

‘Manage Watchers’ is particularly useful to update individuals from other teams within your organisation. For instance, it’s unlikely that members of the design team are watching the entire ‘Marketing and Sales’ team space. Keep them updated on a specific page you created in the space by adding them to that page’s ‘Watch’ list. For the design team members, this will call attention only to the desired page, eliminating the hassle of sifting through the extraneous emails you can receive when watching an entire space.

How to manage your watchers

manage watchers dropdown.png

If you’re a space administrator, you can manage the watchers for all pages and blog posts in that space. This means that you can:

  • View a list of the watchers of a page or blog post.
  • View a list of the watchers of the space for that page or blog post.
  • Add users as watchers of the page or blog post.
  • Remove existing watchers of the page or blog post.

To manage your watchers for a page/blog post,

1. Navigate to the desired page or blog post. Note; you must be a space administrator to be able to ‘Manage Watchers’.
2. Click the ‘Tools‘ menu and click ‘Manage Watchers‘ (see screenshot at left). The ‘Manage Watchers’ screen will be displayed (see screenshots below). The left-hand column of the ‘Manage Watchers’ screen will contain the users watching the page or blog post; the right-hand column will contain the users watching the space.
3. Click the ‘Done‘ button to save your changes.
To remove an existing page watcher, click the icon (trash can) next to the user’s name.
To add a user as a watcher of the page, start typing the user’s name in the text box under the list of users. A list of matching user names will display in a drop-down for you to select. The user’s name will then appear in the list of page watchers.

Manage Watchers 3.png

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