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I was having an early mid-life crisis at university. All through senior high school and university, I worked in various part-time service positions, including McDonald’s, department stores and even as a bar attendant in a theatre. I loved it.

In university though, I was in software engineering.  While I was good at it, I wasn’t sure if making software was where my passion was. Then came my first intern position in a medium size company as a software support engineer. It didn’t take me long to realise support is my calling. Support was and is still my passion.

In support, I could use my problem-solving skills and technical training to help customers. Not just with the problems raised via our support channels (though these were challenging enough), because I knew I had to work with the whole organisation to create a better experience for all customers. That could mean fixing a bug that I didn’t want other customers to experience, improving a complicated process that I felt customers shouldn’t have to go through, publishing information that I felt should be readily available or adding a feature that I knew my customers needed.

To get changes through, I had to work with every department from development, quality assurance, technical writers, product management, sales all the way through to senior management.  It’s hard work, but when I succeeded, I knew I’d made life easier for one or two or fifty or even thousands of customers. How cool is that?

Since my intern position many years ago and through different companies, I have always stayed in support and I think I always will.

What I love about Atlassian is the core value “be the change you seek”. What more can a support engineer ask for? The only thing stopping me from changing policy, improving the product or process or influencing others to create a better experience for customers like you, is me!

Now, I am fortunate enough to be the Director of Support Projects and Strategy for Atlassian and my whole job is about making things better for you.
So tell me, how can I help you? Tell me, how can I create a better experience for you? I want to make it happen!

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