Jira is used by nearly 20,000 teams, spanning 115 countries around the globe. Why do so many companies choose Jira? Because it lets their teams plan more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and get work done faster. To understand how Jira makes collaboration easy, let’s start with why collaboration gets difficult.

Growth makes things complicated!

Growth is a good thing; it enables ideas to foster and come to market. Growth also makes things tough because culture and processes don’t always scale along with the size of your business. Scaling isn’t just about big companies; scaling doesn’t mean enterprise. At its core, scaling is about investing in that culture and those processes so they don’t fall apart. It’s about making sure your ideas and your team can continue to grow unencumbered. Let’s define a few terms:

  • Gain: The benefit the entire organization gets from its tools and process
  • Friction: The frustration, angst, and hassle factor an organization feels from its tools and processes
  • Net Gain: Gain minus friction

Any process involves friction, but the key is maximizing net gain. When you recognize and minimize friction from the beginning, you can scale smarter.

An idea starts with one

jira_6_make_growth_easy_ideaGreat ideas often start with with just one person. As the idea begins to unfold you’re faced with your first set of tasks, and the inevitable question: how does one manage that list of work? When you’re a team of one, it’s easy to create a simple list of issues to drive your workflow; you just use a small task list application, or a list of things to get done in an Excel spreadsheet. You add new things to the list, and cross things off as you get them done. Simple, right?

Annoyances start with two

jira_6_make_growth_easy_twoThen another person joins the fun, and you become a collaborative organization! The process that works for one person generally scales well for two people: you can sync your task list manually via a meeting, or though a shared Excel spreadsheet. And even though it works fine, it’s more time consuming than working alone. In other words, there’s more friction.  But you get more done with two people, so you deal with it.

More people, more friction

jira_6_make_growth_easy_manyAs you start adding more people to the project, that’s when the real headaches start. With each new person it gets harder to manage the project, because small task management systems simply don’t scale. Let’s look at some of the common problems that plague growing organizations.

Excel never learned to share

Hosting an Excel spreadsheet on a shared file server isn’t the most collaborative option. Make no mistake: Excel is a great tool, and we use it every day at Atlassian. It’s just not a great team task management solution. With one master copy of the project plan on a server, concurrent editing by multiple people isn’t an option. The entire team is blocked on every edit, or a project manager has to manually collect each and every detail. Both options waste everyone’s time.

With email there is no clear source of truth

Solutions that involve sending task lists via email are a mess: duplicate versions of the task list live all over the place, the original gets diluted every time the list is copied, and the work plan becomes more and more out of sync. Things that should be simple–like a task reassignment–result in two people will having different versions of the plan, and potentially working on the same thing. Duplicating efforts is never a good thing.

Tracking history is a pain

Effective project managers look at historical data to help them drive future results.  To do this right, one needs a tool that gives insight into past performance of the team to make effective estimates. Tools with limited historical tracking features make it tough to get the right data needed to plan for the future.

So how can Jira help me?

One shared source of truth

Jira reduces friction as there is one master copy of your project but everyone can contribute to it.   You can use flexible workflows to structure each project’s work items; Jira flexes to the way your team wants to work. And since it’s designed to be shared, everyone can update their items and track the overall status of the project. Let’s take a look at what puts Jira above other task management solutions.

Issues have clear assignees so ownership across the team is clear. Need to change who is working on a task? When reassigning an issue, Jira automatically notifies the new recipient that they have a task waiting.   Jira integrates with your company’s directory server so it’s easy to get started.


No team works exactly the same way. Jira’s configurable workflow engine captures just the right structure for your team.


Project managers have access to detailed history to more effectively plan future workjira_6_make_growth_easy_activity

Track everything in one place. The days of hunting through email to find the latest status update are over. Jira’s flexible dashboards make up-to-the-minute status reports a breeze.


Jira makes growth easy

Jira is just $10 to get started with up to 10 users. Think of it this way: “For just 10 bucks, my team can have best-in-class project management tools.”  As a bonus, you can feel good about your purchase, because Atlassian donates all the proceeds from our 10 user licenses to Room to Read, a nonprofit helping to fight illiteracy around the globe.

Today’s leading teams use an Agile workflow like Scrum or Kanban. Jira makes migrating to agile easy as well; just add GreenHopper to your Jira install, and you’ll unlock all the power of agile and still have best-in-class issue tracking.


Starting right makes growing easy. You can add users to your license incrementally as you grow. Jira is available on a hosted platform for a turnkey solution, or running on your hardware for maximum flexibility in deployment.

Get started today

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