There are two reasons why I love working in Atlassian Support:


I believe in our company


I was completely burnt out from the IT industry when I first started at Atlassian. I had come from a customer service background and had experience in IT but no formal qualifications. I had dabbled in business sales and decided that I wasn’t cut out to be a typical salesman, but that was all I had to fall back on. I’d had a number of offers for sales roles but I knew I wanted something different.


My role at Atlassian was originally to process payments and assign license keys (yes, these jobs were originally done manually) and I intended it to be a step to the side so I could recharge and decide on my next career direction. Within the first week I knew I’d found something special. Suddenly work was interesting and inspiring, I felt like an entrepreneur. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do there, but I knew I wanted a long career with Atlassian.


Around a year later a position was available in the support team for a triager – the first point of contact for a support case intended to make sure all the necessary information was conveyed to the support engineers. I was completely out of my depth; I’d never heard of Tomcat, couldn’t tell you what a database was apart from “it stored data” and had no idea how an LDAP server worked. I figured it was only a matter of time until management clued on to me and cut their losses, but thankfully this was not the case. I started learning and taking support cases myself, and decided I liked it so much that I enrolled myself into a computer science degree by correspondence.


After almost 5 years, Atlassian and the Support team feel like family to me. I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and excited for what the future brings.


I believe in our customers


We have a lot of very smart, technically competent customers who do amazing things with our software. We also have a large number of users who have no idea how our products work, they simply rely on them to do their job. The thing that all our users have in common is that when something goes wrong, they don’t want to be talking to me, they want to get back to doing what they love.


Whether you’re an enterprise customer with 2000+ users or a starter customer with 10 users, the idea is the same – to do everything in my power to help you get back to achieving your goals. This could mean calling at 11pm at night to troubleshoot your database connection, doing a live screen share to get a better idea of a rendering problem, or something as simple as walking you through the steps to add a macro to a page. Sometimes my job is simply to connect you with the right people, like our developers, our expert network, or our community. I also proudly live our “Open Company, No Bullshit” value, so if you’re trying to achieve something that our products just can’t do the best way to serve you as a customer is to tell you this straight, and to give you some ideas on where to go instead.


Whatever the end result, my goal is to make life easier for all of our customers. How can I make your life easier?


Like the cut of our jib? I’m looking for tech support rock stars who live and breathe customer service – if this is you then please email me at mseager at atlassian dot com or send me a tweet at mseager


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