This morning we had a little bit of a snafu. A customer, with the best of intentions, added the entire Jira User Group to the Cc Group field – a custom field created for our Jira instance – of their support issue on They didn’t realize that this group has more than 30,000 members. When they hit save they triggered a tsunami of email notifications that landed in the inboxes of thousands of other unsuspecting customers. Man, were we embarrassed.
We sent an apology out to the customers who received those emails – many among you – explaining what happened and assuring folks that we fixed the issue by removing the “Cc Group” field on But we also wanted to explain a bit about how that field is used, why it wasn’t disabled before, and other ways to achieve the same outcome now that this field is disabled.
What is the Cc Group field?
The “Cc Group” is a custom field that was created for our Jira support instance, and used internally by Atlassian and by a select group of customers to update a group of Jira users about a specific ticket. Once Cc’d on a ticket, the group will receive notifications regarding any status changes and/or updates. However, enabling this provided access to global groups such as jira-user, which contains all Jira users. We hadn’t removed it before because it was being used by customers, and because we simply didn’t consider a customer adding all users of the system to the Cc field.
Hey, I was using that. What can I do now?
We have now removed the “Cc Group” field, so this can no longer happen. But there is a workaround. If you were using the “Cc Group” field, you can achieve the same result by creating an internal email alias containing each of the users previously in your Jira group on Instead of using the “Cc Group” field you can use the “Cc User” field with the new alias.
Again, we’re sorry for the extra email so many of you received, and we’ve definitely fixed it. Back to your previously scheduled program.

Whoops – You’ve Got Mail