I’m sorry that we’re just now getting around to this post, but a few folks have been asking about this year’s Codegeist Plugin Competition. Normally it’s run in the spring, which means it should have started weeks ago.
This year, we’ve got a lot going on: Atlassian Summit, the Atlassian Stimulus Package, and major releases of almost all of our products coming in the next few months. So we’ve decided to postpone Codegeist until the second half of the year. We think we’ll have an even better contest once we get all this great new software out the door. If you’re curious about what we’ve got on tap, and about all the new plugin capabilities that will be available, I’ll highly encourage you to attend the Atlassian Summit, June 1-2.
So thanks for your patience, and keep you ears open for the official announcements in the second half of the year.

Whither Codegeist?