Months ago, after I noticed that an announcement about a new release of Confluence had been picked up on Using Wikis in Education, Stewart Mader and I started a conversation that continues to this day. Since then, we’ve been able to introduce Stewart to a few of our academic wiki customers to help him with his research, writing, and work on this topic. Stewart dropped by our San Francisco offices a couple weeks ago when he was in town for a conference, at which time he shared with us the project he’s been working on for the last several months. While he’s not announcing the project just yet, he has posted an announcement list on his site for people who want to stay informed.

wikis-in-ed-project.gifWe’re working on something big.
We can’t tell you what it is yet, but we can say that it’s:
1. launching soon
2. a natural next step for Using Wiki in Education
3. Something you’ll find valuable and use often

It’s a really worthwhile project to keep university IT, academics, and educators informed on the latest and greatest information about using wikis for education and research. And while he’s not revealing yet exactly what it is, I recommend people check it out.

What’s Up with Using Wikis in Education?...