For Studio fans, Jira Studio 2.4 is a substantial release with key component upgrades for Jira, Confluence and GreenHopper as well as significant improvements in Subversion imports. Here are the highlights.

Get Your Keyboard Ready!

Have you ever dreamed of leading a full hour bug scrub triage session without once touching your mouse? Well, your dreams are now fulfilled as Jira 4.2 enables lightening fast actions as issues can be triaged with keyboard shortcuts (20 in all) directly from the issue navigator.

Confluence 3.4 joined the party too and added over 30 general keyboard shortcuts.

From common chores like editing a page (E) to underlining text (Control+U) these shortcuts will save you extra seconds everyday. Learn more about Confluence keyboard shortcuts.

Radiate Your Information

Remember the Atlassian Ultimate Wallboard Competition? We heard from bunches of Studio customers who got Wallboard envy and wanted to implement some of the cool tricks they saw from the competition winners. Now due to popular demand, the Jira Wallboard plugin is bundled standard with Jira Studio. Here is an image of a tricked out Atlassian wallboard:

On the Topic of Bundled Plugins…

There are 8 other new plugins bundled, including the Zendesk plugin and the Confluence Calendar plugin. Also, Confluence 3.4 includes the Universal Plugin Manager which enables administrators to enable and disable the pre-installed plugins!

Ready to Import Some Code?

In the past, some customers had challenges when they were first getting started with Jira Studio when they already had code in another repository that they wanted to transfer into Jira Studio. We’ve listened to these concerns and put together a new utility for administrators to import their SVN dump files.

And Finally…

Our Jira Studio team worked feverishly on this release and knocked out a whopping 59 issues in 90 days. We hope you enjoy each of these enhancements! If you are still curious for even more information, check out the release notes.

What’s New in Studio 2.4 – Highlights:...