Have you convinced someone in your organization to join the wiki bandwagon yet? With resources for managers and sales and marketing teams to get started on Confluence, it’s the perfect time to get everyone in your organization on the wiki. We want to help prove that wiki’s are not just for technical users, and this week we continue by giving your Human Resources team 5 quick ways they can save time and work together in Confluence.

5 Ways Human Resources Teams Can Use a Wiki

All of the policies, procedures, events, and resumes make being part of the Human Resource Team document overload. Keeping it all organized is a constant battle and if your regularly using email, you’re probably losing. Struggling to:

  • Document policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Make company-wide announcements
  • Create recruitment dashboards
  • On-board new employees
  • Manage company events and cultural holidays

Watch this video to learn how Confluence can transform the way you do HR.

Stay Tuned

Next week, in part six of this series, we’ll share the wiki evangelist toolkit with you, for convincing members of your organization that the wiki way is the only way.

Need More Convincing?

Wiki champion? Need to convince the ‘others’ that the wiki way is the right way? We’ve got your back. Get everything you need – presentations and videos – to help you convince your team why Confluence will help them get more done together, faster.

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