We hope by now you are starting to see why we at Atlassian drink the wiki Kool-Aid, and are so passionate about using Confluence. Every team in our company is able to improve its processes and results by working together in Confluence. Last week you saw how managers can use a wiki to increase productivity, this week we will take a look at how your Sales or Marketing team can achieve incredible results by doing the same.

5 Ways Sales & Marketing Teams Can Use a Wiki

It’s likely that your Sales and Marketing Teams are at the core of what you do – plugged into every phase of your business. With the fate of your organization resting squarely on your team’s shoulders, you’ll need a tool where you can easily:

  • Create team dashboards
  • Connect cross-functional teams
  • Plan projects
  • Access business intelligence reports
  • Create rosters and manage team leave

Watch this video to learn why Confluence is your end-of-quarter survival pack.

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Stay Tuned

Next week, in part five of this series, we’ll focus on 5 ways your human resources team can benefit from using a wiki.

Need More Convincing?

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