With 14 wiki myths busted, and 10 reasons to use a wiki as clear as day, it’s time to take a closer look at how different teams can benefit from using a wiki, starting with management teams in part three of this ‘What is a Wiki‘ series.

5 Ways Managers Can Use a Wiki

Confluence is built for everyone – from your most basic users in the mail room, to your advanced techies on your development team – YES, even for you too Mr(s). Manager.

If you manage a team, you might find it difficult to:

  1. Track your team’s progress
  2. Encourage open communication and transparency
  3. Access reports to make decisions
  4. Capture employee knowledge
  5. Manage your team’s leave

Watch this video to learn how Confluence can solve your managerial woes.

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Stay Tuned

Next week, in part four of this series, we’ll focus on 5 ways sales and marketing teams can benefit from using a wiki.

Need More Convincing?

Wiki champion? Need to convince the ‘others’ that the wiki way is the right way? We’ve got your back. Get everything you need – presentations and videos – to help you convince your team why Confluence will help them get more done together, faster.

What is a Wiki? Convince Your Team

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