Today we put out an announcement on Business Wire that Cenqua and Atlassian are teaming up. More technically, Atlassian has acquired Cenqua. As of today you can purchase Fisheye, Crucible, and Clover on www.atlassian.com.
We’re really excited, not only because we’ve gained three fantastic products— products that assist us with our own software development— but also because almost the entire Cenqua team has moved into our new Sydney offices to continue developing and supporting their software. We’ve known the Cenqua guys for a long time, and on both a personal and professional level they’re top notch. They’ve made some truly great products; by great I mean products that developers use because they add utility and value without creating more work.
We’ve created a page that describes the details of the deal with links to FAQs and more about the announcement. Over the next few weeks and months, more content from the Cenqua website, including product documentation, will be ported over to the Atlassian site. In the meantime, please let us know what you think or if you have any questions.

Welcome, Cenqua...