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Answers has a brand new look!

If you’ve been wondering how strong a community Atlassian has, there’s no better place to get a sense of it than Atlassian Answers (well, ok, to be fair, Atlassian Summit has a pretty good buzz to it). We launched Answers 2 years ago – almost to the day – and it’s been growing ever since. Answers now has almost 40,000 questions, 55,000 answers and over 30,000 registered users.

Today, we’re thrilled to launch a new look and a bunch of new functionality for Answers. You’ll notice the familiar look: our header is the same design as Atlassian products, and you’ll recognize the fonts and coloring from the Atlassian website and other Atlassian sites.

But this isn’t just a redesign – we’ve also added a bunch of new functionality. We kept the basics of what Answers is about – quick access to question content and an easy way to ask questions, and added some of the things that have been missing since we launched two years ago.

Get Answers on the Go

We’re introducing a mobile site!


The mobile site brings all te basic Q & A functionality to your smart phone or tablet. Get rid of all the extra noise, just get straight to asking and answering on the go. Just size down your browser to check it out.

The mobile site has the features you’re expecting: an expanded menu to browse around the site without having to resize the screen to see tiny links, and wrapped content to read without scrolling.

Sorting and Filtering

Notice the new sorting and filtering from the home page. In the previous design we ran out of space for tabs and had to hide some of the functionality that we now expose. Now with the new home page, you can filter and sort with a bunch of new options.

Are you an agilista? Follow the greenhopper tag and filter the home page to show only questions for ‘tags you follow’. Ready to answer something? Filter by ‘unanswered’ questions. Ready to up your karma? Sort by ‘bounties’ to see the highest rewarded questions.

jacket New Look, New Swag

We’ve been offering swag with the site since the beginning, but now we’re taking the manual process our of getting what you’ve earned. You still earn a t-shirt at 1500 and a backpack at 5000 karma, but now you can now claim your swag automatically instead of waiting for us to collect your address and send you your swag.

On top of that, we’ve got brand new designs for the t-shirt and backpack. New logo, new design, new swag.

But it’s not just automation and new designs – we’re also introducing a new item. At 10,000 karma, the select few will receive the coveted new Atlassian Answers jacket!

Just head over to the Swag page to claim your codes for the new swag!


Product-specific Badges

Sure – everyone wants the Necromancer badge, but what about becoming a Jira guru? Now you can earn a set of Atlassian-specific badges, to show off which products you’ve got expertise in.

Ready to master a new product? You can get a beginner badge with just 5 answers (assuming they’ve been marked as the best answer by the questioner), and get all the way to expert with 100 best answers.

Ask a question - Atlassian Answers


Answers categorizes all the content on the site with tag metadata. It’s important that content get labeled correctly so it gets to the right eyeballs. With that in mind, we’ve given the tagging a bit of an overhaul around the site.

The Ask a Question page now has a better tag selection wizard to help users categorize their questions with the right tags. Similarly, we’ve got a smart tag configuration so people ready to answer can watch the right tags. Head over to the tags page and the ask page to see.

AAC_commentBetter Question Page

The main page on the site – by far the most visited – is the question page itself. Since its inception, new users on Answers have been confused about the difference between in-line commenting and answering a question. We’ve now got a much more intuitive UI that makes this a bit easier to pick the right one.

We’ve also added a ‘help us improve’ sidebar that we’ll monitor as we continue to build and iterate on the site.

Advanced Search

We’ve also improved search. From the search bar in the header, click the gear shift to see the advanced search items. You can search by tag, user, or date to find content you once saw or need to hunt down.

As always, please let us know how we can improve. We keep track in the Answers project in Jira.

Welcome to the classier Atlassian Answers...