When I joined the marketing team at Atlassian, my first task was to create and run a successful Voice of the Customer and Plugin of the Month webinar series. Here we are, 17 months and over 32 webinars later, and I think we’ve done a pretty good job. Time flies when you are having fun!
These webinar series were created to empower prospective customers with adequate information on our products and their integrations, as well as enriching current customers with the knowledge to extend our products beyond the ‘out of the box’ uses. In a nut-shell, we want customers to know how other customers use our products, what hurdles they overcome with them, and what tools and plugins they used to do so. In the vein of being an open and transparent company, we thought these webinars would be the most efficient vehicle for achieving this goal.
The webinar series immediately gained traction and, in turn, popularity. We book webinars months in advance and are never short on great topics to cover. We track the viewership numbers, and are proud to say that, as of the time of this blog post, there have been over 17,349 views of the recordings! This averages out to about 542 views per webinar.
There has been some very meaty nuggets of information that has come out of the brave customers and partners who have participated in these webinars. Since it’s fresh in my head, the most recent webinar with Zend Framework stands out as being especially compelling. In it, we learn why a PHP shop would want to use our, Java-based, software. Here’s the recorded webinar:

To shed some light on the vast number of webinars and topics we have covered in the past year and a half, I wanted to share the glorious list, in its entirety:

Voice of the Customer

15 Oct 08 – Developing with Jira, Fisheye and Confluence: Patrick Coleman of Dash
13 Nov 08 – Confluence and over 17k Global Consultants: Nate Nash or BearingPoint
10 Dec 08 – Jira on a Large Scale: Joanna Thurman of Polycom
14 Jan 09 – Confluence for Development and Documentation: Jon Hertzig of OpenCloud
11 Feb 09 – SunSpace: Confluence and 21k+ Users: Peter Reiser of Sun Microsystems
18 Feb 09 – Confluence & 80k+ Global Consultants: Nicolas Peeters of Accenture
11 Mar 09 – Confluence, Crowd and Other Web 2.0 Tools: Walton Smith of Boooz Allen Hamilton
09 Apr 09 – Agile Best Practices with Atlassian Tools: Oren Teich of Replicate Technologies
14 May 09 – Scrum with Jira, Confluence, Clover and Fisheye: Jeff Schilling of S1 Enterprise
18 Jun 09 – Meet Fireball – The Collaboration Appliance: Mat Gauvin of Appfire
22 Oct 09 – Designing for Adoption – Customising Confluence: James Dellow of HeadShift
11 Nov 09 – Jira & Fisheye for Agile SaaS Companies: Chris Brown of Backstop Solutions Group
06 Jan 10 – Zend Framework and many Atlassian Tools: Matthew Weier O’Phinney of Zend Framework

Plugin of the Month

26 Aug 08 – Multiple Plugins: Dan Hardiker of Adaptavist
24 Sep 08 – Bamboo Plugins: Ross Rowe
29 Oct 08 – Jira Desktop Client: Igor Sereda of ALM works
19 Nov 08 – Confluence Plugin Mashup: Andreas Meingast of netoCiety
22 Jan 09 – Live Forms Designer: Ashish Deshpande of frevvo
28 Jan 09 – Gliffy the Diagraming Software: Chris Kohlhardt of Gliffy
25 Feb 09 – Balsamiq Mockups: Jira & Confluence: Peldi Guilizzoni of Balsamiq
26 Mar 09 – The Rally Connector for Jira: Mark Ringer of Rally Software
23 Apr 09 – Plugins for Confluence: David Peterson of CustomWare
21 May 09 – Approvals Workflow Pugin for Confluence: Roberto Dominguez of Comala Tech
25 Jun 09 – JaM Plugin, CRM Plugin, and synapseRT: William Anderson of Go2Group
16 Jul 09 – SharePoint Connector for Jira: Stafford Vaughan of CustomWare
23 Jul 09 – zAgile Teamwork for Jira and Confluence: Sanjiva Nath of zAgile
13 Aug 09 – Project Zeus – Enterprise Cloud Computing: Matt Porter of Contegix
21 Aug 09 – Enterprise Tester for Jira: Bryce Day of Catch Limited
24 Sep 09 – Taskdock for Confluence: Erik Eccles of Taskdock
05 Nov 09 – Scroll Wiki Exporter for Confluence: Tobias Anstett of K15t Software
19 Nov 09 – VertygoSLA Plugin for Jira: Eudes Nouvellon of Valiantys
10 Dec 09 – Jira Connector for Jama Contour: Frank Charron of Jama

All webinars are posted to Atlassian TV where you can sort videos by products and categories. For upcoming webinars, please visit our events page. If you would like to be in our webinar series, please contact us.

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