The Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time
Don’t miss tomorrow’s Voice of the Customer webinar with Walton Smith of Booz Allen Hamilton.
If you plan on using Confluence, or already do, you should take the time to see this excellent presentation. Booz Allen Hamilton is a large consulting firm with over 20K employees who’s business is about 97% from the government market. Walton Smith helped create, a platform combining ‘best of breed enterprise 2.0 tools’ which utilizes Confluence.
Walton’s challenge is convincing government agencies that enterprise tools can unlock information within the depths of any organization. His goal is to get ‘front-line leaders’ who have over 20 years of experience and knowledge in an organization, who are only familiar with old tools, to use the new tools and let the knowledge-base grow organically. As with any good enterprise tool, Walton admits that search is the critical element; if you don’t have search, what good is the information?
To get a taste of tomorrow’s webinar, please see a quick FASTforward’09 interview which Joshua-Michéle Ross held with Walton Smith:


Webinar: Booz Allen Hamilton’s use of Confluence