Imagine being able to Google the minds of your co-workers any time you have a question at work. Imagine never having to answer the same questions over and over again. We’ll show you how we use Q&A to accomplish this in our upcoming webinar, How we do it: Sharing knowledge at Atlassian with Confluence Questions.

Wednesday March 26th at 10:00AM Pacific

Join us for 30 minutes to learn how Q&A extracts, surfaces, and retains the knowledge in your organization. You’ll hear from Jeremy Largman, Atlassian’s “Knowledge Guru” and the brain behind Atlassian Answers as well as John Wetenhall, associate product marketing manager and internal champion for Confluence Questions. We’ll help you understand:

  • How we built a community using Q&A for our customers with Atlassian Answers – and how that informed us when building our newest collaboration tool, Confluence Questions
  • How we use Confluence Questions to share knowledge internally
  • Best practices for creating an internal Q&A community for your organization
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Who can benefit?

Regardless of whether you are an IT manager looking for a company-wide knowledge management tool, or a team lead looking for a better way to capture your team’s knowledge, you’ll walk away with ideas for a better approach.

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Webinar: How we share knowledge at Atlassian with ...