Our Atlassian Enterprise team recently hosted a live webinar to help our largest customers learn more about our enterprise offerings.

Atlassian’s Otto Ruettinger, Jira Enterprise Principal Product Manager, took attendees through an overview of the Data Center deployment option, and how it provides the high availability and performance-at-scale enterprise customers need for Jira, Confluence, and Stash. Otto covered how to implement Data Center in a large organization, along with licensing and pricing.

Attendees also learned about our enterprise support and strategic service offerings which are designed to ensure that enterprise customers are getting the most out of their Atlassian applications. Bryan Mayo, Head of Enterprise Support, covered Premier Support, our account-wide global support and priority escalation option featuring faster SLAs, weekend and evening coverage, and phone support to better meet the needs of our largest customers. He was joined by Aditya Phadke, Head of Technical Account Management (TAM), who talked about how our TAM team can help your organization with proactive planning and strategic guidance across all your Atlassian applications.

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Q&A with our enterprise team:

How do we know which plug-ins are supported?

Today, there are 271+ supported plug-ins for Data Center in the Atlassian Marketplace, and that number continues to grow. The plug-ins can be easily identified by the ‘Data Center’ icon within Marketplace. Contact your plug-in developer to understand when an individual plug-in will be supported.

What about companies with less than 1,000 users?

At this time, the offering is focused on customers with 1,000 users or more. These users have experienced more growing pains and will see the most benefit from using Data Center. This does not mean that smaller teams cannot adopt Data Center, but the smallest pricing tier is for 1,000 users.

Will the Data Center deployment option improve performance for customers with geographically distributed teams?

At this time, Data Center does not provide geo-clustering support, so while it will improve performance, the performance increase may not be as apparent for teams located far away from the Data Center location. The best way to assess the performance is to conduct a free evaluation.

Is Data Center pricing in addition to Jira, Confluence, or Stash pricing?

No. It would replace your existing licenses. Contact us for a quote to upgrade your existing licenses.

Is Jira admin functionality impacted in Data Center?

Other than gaining the capability to configure the multi-node communication for the cluster, the Jira admin functionality is not impacted by Data Center.

Where can we learn more about the architecture of Data Center?

You can learn more in the individual online documentation pages for Jira, Confluence, and Stash.

Will there be a monitoring tool to report on active or inactive nodes that are in the cluster?

Yes- this is part of the offering in Jira and Confluence, and will be part of the Stash Data Center when formally released.

We want to qualify this in our Data Center. Can you help us?

We do offer free evaluations of Data Center. Contact us to learn more.

If we have Jira, Confluence, and Stash do we need three Premier Support licenses?

No, you only need one Premier Support license. The Premier Support service is priced per account, and a single yearly license for Premier Support will cover all of your Atlassian products and instances for a single price of $35,000/year. If you use multiple Atlassian products or multiple instances of a single Atlassian product, the cost of Premier Support for your company does not change.

Do TAM and Premier Support work with Data Center only?

No. TAM and Premier Support are account-wide offerings. This means your organization only needs to purchase one license, and it will cover all of your Atlassian applications.

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