You’ve always known that continuous integration (CI) is a critical part of working as a team and shipping great software. Thanks to a dark-arts blend of JUnit, TestNG, and Selenium, you’ve built a deflector shield that keeps bugs at bay.

And then it happened: Your team decided to switch to Git. CI was challenging enough when you just had trunk and a release branch. Now with the sudden explosion of active branches, things can feel downright chaotic.

But never fear. Continuous integration with Git is not only possible, it’s powerful. 

super-powered CI with Git


Join us for a live presentation, plus Q&A, with Atlassian’s own Git and continuous integration experts, and learn: 

  • How CI and Git join forces to get releases out the door faster and easier
  • When to use shallow clones and repo caching 
  • Three strategies for painless CI on feature branches 
  • Why Git hooks are the perfect CI side-kick

This webinar assumes a basic understanding of Git and CI tools (like Bamboo, for example). Registration is limited, so reserve your spot today!

Thursday July 24th, 10am PST

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