If you’ve ever sat down with a more experienced developer for a pair programming session, you’d probably agree that it’s one of the most effective ways to learn, and absorb new skills, tools, and tricks. So I am very happy to present you with a new webinar that will reproduce the same feel of a live training session. This is your chance to sit beside me as I work through a typical bug-fix lifecycle from branch creation, through code review, to the final merge, using the powerful toolset that Git brings to every developer.

Thursday March 6, 11am (CET – Amsterdam)

Join me and learn all about feature development with Git, at a time especially planned for our European audience:

  • How to kick off development in a feature branch
  • What rebase is, and how and when to perform it as local cleanup
  • How to have colleagues to review your work via a pull request
  • How to work through feedback on a pull request
  • When and how to merge your work back to the development main line
  • Cleanup considerations after the work is complete

This webinar assumes basic knowledge of Git, some familiarity with the command line, a programming editor, and the browser.

I will  be available at the end of the session to answer any questions you might have.

Registration is limited, so reserve your spot today!


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New webinar – Feature development lifecycle with...