Available for download today, the latest version of the SharePoint Connector for Confluence adds new features and enhancements that strengthen the integration and user experience between the two applications.

  1. Browse entire Confluence spaces without leaving SharePoint
  2. Embed threaded discussions from Confluence in SharePoint
  3. Search SharePoint from any themed Confluence space
  4. Row-level security for SharePoint lists in Confluence pages

Read on to learn more about each of these new features and how you can use them.

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1. Support for Web Part Connections

We often hear that one of the main reasons why Confluence is implemented alongside SharePoint is for its free-form and rich content creation capabilities. Now you can allow users that live in SharePoint to consume the rich content created in Confluence, without leaving SharePoint.

By connecting a Page Tree View Web Part to a Page Web Part – using Web Part Connections – users can effectively browse through an entire Confluence space without leaving SharePoint.

Imagine this, you develop and publish technical documentation in Confluence where you are able to create drafts, structure pages in a hierarchy, re-use content, and gather feedback via threaded comments before publishing. With the SharePoint Connector 1.3 you can allow users to view all the documentation that lives in Confluence inside of SharePoint.

Setting up the connection is easy – just edit the SharePoint page and use the menus to connect the web parts together.

The screenshot below shows a Confluence Page Tree View Web Part connected, via Web Part Connections, to a Confluence Page Web Part. Clicking on a page in the page tree on the right will dynamically update the Confluence page displayed in the Page Web Part on the left.


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2. Bring Confluence Discussions into SharePoint

Another reason why Confluence is a great complement to SharePoint is the ability to hold a threaded discussion about content in Confluence pages. This includes Confluence pages in which you might embed content that is stored in SharePoint, like lists and documents. With the right permissions, Confluence users can comment on any page or blog post, encouraging users to contribute and start valuable discussions where tacit knowledge is captured, becoming searchable and linkable.

A new option in the Confluence Page Web Part allows you to toggle the display of Confluence comments in the Web Part.

Picture working on an upcoming product release – you are drafting the release notes on a Confluence page, using page restrictions to hide them until they are ready for publishing. You share the page with key stakeholders whom in turn comment on the page with their feedback and suggestions for improvement. With the latest version of the SharePoint Connector, those threaded discussions are now viewable in SharePoint, introducing more users to the power of collaboration provided by Confluence.


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3. Search SharePoint from Any Space

In earlier versions of the SharePoint Connector it was only possible to search SharePoint from Confluence spaces that had the SharePoint Decorators theme applied. Now you can search SharePoint from any Confluence space regardless of its theme. So if you’re a fan of the Confluence Documentation or Easy Reader themes, it’s now possible to search for content that lives in SharePoint using the Confluence Global Search box.


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4. A Better SharePoint List Macro

The SharePoint Connector 1.3 gives you more flexibility and security when embedding SharePoint lists in Confluence pages with the SharePoint List Macro.

  1. You can now display any sub folder in your SharePoint List or Document Library
  2. Row-level permissions are now applied to list items and documents

Even More Improvements

Check out the full release notes and learn about all the improvements and issues fixed in this release.

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Oh, One More Thing….

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